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My Fine Dining Obsession

Let me tell you the story of my journey from common food consumer to cuisine fanatic.Mmmm, food in Melbourne....exploring narrow laneways, stumbling over bluestone pavement in my high heels. Laughing and linked arm-in-arm with my date for the night. Finding the secret tucked-away eateries, or being gracefully ushered to my seat in polished, cavernous restaurants. I love reading a menu and not knowing all the ingredients. I love having wine recommendations read to us by sommeliers as though we are presumed to be profoundly knowledgable about the vintage.Melbourne is the ultimate foodie city. In my time here I've sample some of Melbourne's best cuisine. I've travelled to some major wine regions in Australia - the Hunter Valley in NSW, Margaret River wine region in WA and the Yarra Valley in VIC. I have a few clients in particular who delight in visiting new places and I've been able to experience a lot with them.I haven't always been accustomed to the 'high life'. I was a fine arts student in my twenties, which means a few things: I never got out of bed before 9am, I wore black, and I was always short on cash. It's amazing what you can manage on a food budget of twenty dollars per we...


Did Someone Say 3 - Finding the Right Partners

This is the latest instalment from a man who has been exploring the world of fantasy through the professional services of private companions. I hope this sheds a little light on what was for me very uncharted territory, for some it certainly is not. This also does not confine itself to just the male, female, female (MFF) type as you may read on later.As many guys might fantasise about the idea of spending intimate time with more than one partner it is something I think a lot of men and probably women do fantasise about. I certainly had but my 'normal' life certainly has never given me the opportunity to explore this fantasy and it was something I did really want to do. So naturally as I became much more confident seeing the private companion it was growing more and more something going from a thought to making it happen. In the past I tried unsuccessfully twice to make it happen but for various reasons it never occurred. So casting back over 12 months ago I had already made plans to meet up with 2 ladies I knew pretty well after a few private 1 on 1 dates. Why had I chose them? Well this is where this blog comes into play. Firstly my connection with them was fantastic. Secondly the...

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Choosing a Name

Sex worker aliases were a fascination for me long before I became an escort. When I was a kid one's 'porn name' was the name of your first pet, followed by the first street you lived on (my porn name is 'Twinkle Georgina'.) Invented names were theatrical: the drag queens I watched at Taylor Square in my early twenties. Call girls, dancers and porn stars I saw at the movies or on television were larger-than-life: Bambi, Honey, Mercedes. If someone had suggested to my twenty-one-year-old self that 'Georgie Wolf' was an appropriate name for an escort, I would have disagreed.I've often wondered what life would be like if we could choose our first names. There's a reason they are called 'given' names: by the time one is old enough to question whether a particular name is appropriate, it's become part of us. Unless your parents decide to gift you with something particularly difficult, a name usually sticks. I never thought I'd have the chance to pick anything else.I'm not a theatrical person and I've never felt the need to have a working 'persona'. My first sex industry job was in a parlour and, being fairly inexperienced, I happily accepted the name suggestion the receptionist made. In...

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Couples Part II: the Experience

Following on from last week’s ‘Open Letter to Adventurous Couples’ I’d like to take some time explaining what seeing an escort for a threesome is actually like.I’m writing this for one couple is particular, a lovely pair I spoke to on the phone last week. They were really excited about experimenting with another lady but didn’t know where to start or how an escort booking was supposed to proceed. All that ‘not knowing’ only serves to get in the way of feeling comfortable, so let’s address it now and move on to the fun stuff!Most of the couples I see are hetero male/female (MF for short) although I also welcome FF pairs. I would entertain the idea of a guy/guy combo if the guys were genuine lovers (in fact that sounds pretty hot) but usually when two guys ask, it’s not because they are romantically attached. SO M/M is a NO, sorry guys.Before the SessionThere is a lot of variance in what couples want out of their encounter with me – some want  full-on three-way sex, some just want me to play with the girl while the guy watches, some want the guy to be the centre of attention. All of these options are acceptable.To make sure I have a complete understanding of what everyone needs,...

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An Open Letter to Adventurous Couples

This is a heartfelt letter to the adventurous lovers out there: the ones I’ve played with, and the ones I’ve yet to meet.Couples come in all shapes, sizes and genders. You may be young professionals. You may be married with kids. You might be straight or gay, trans or cis. You may be well off or working-class. You may have been living together for only a few months or occasional lovers for decades.  Whatever your flavour, you have two things in common: your commitment to each other, and your desire to try something new…at some point in your relationship you’ve decided that two people isn’t enough.You may have talked about swinging but weren’t sure how to get started. You may have thought about inviting a friend into your bedroom, but worried that it would affect the friendship. So you’ve decided to spend some of your hard-earned savings and see an escort instead.I remember when it happened to me. I was twenty-five. My then partner and I were madly in love and we wanted to explore everything together. My boyfriend had never had a threesome, and I was determined to make it happen for him; even back then, nothing made me happier than introducing the people I care about to new exp...


A Hidden World of Fantasy and Escape Right in Front of Us

This blog is from that of a male client and I hope it gives you an insight to at least one guy's perspective. This blog is about the hidden world we all play in and WHERE we play. I recently attended a fun reproduction of 1960/70's hidden Sydney up at Kings Cross and thought whilst it was fun it really had me thinking of the here and now. The hidden Sydney (and other cities) and the places that I have been fortunate to experience. Compared to my real world this hidden world of private companions is like no other. The show and my real experiences have inspired this blog entry.When I first started out living in a hidden Sydney I knew nothing and I am still learning of course. The places I started out were 2  'establishments' and there was a little familiarity of the hidden Sydney show in these. I guess some formats do not change in establishments. The venues were large and places that I would not normally be near in my everyday life. But I guess that was the appeal, going to a part of my city I could escape into even if only for an hour (which I soon learned was not enough).Eventually it was a natural transition to seeing private companions. So started my introduction to really...

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Things You Should Know About Me

I love writing this guest blog for Scarlet Blue. It’s a chance to have a good, megalomaniacal rant to myself and whoever happens to be listening. Being by nature a quiet and shy sort of person, I relish the opportunity to offer an opinion. I find that it’s also easier for me to talk about myself. I’m not generally comfortable being the centre of attention at parties…blogging is my chance to make up for all my quiet time.New clients often read this blog before they book, and it has led to some interesting conversations. Today I’d like to focus more on the personal. I don’t often get the chance to get to know someone before we meet. We might exchange a few emails or have a chat on the phone, but it’s hard for a new client to get an idea of what sort of person I really am (there are clues there, but it’s not the whole story). Here are some personal details I would love for my clients – or potential clients - to know…I’m not the sort of person that talks about myself. I’d prefer to listen. But if we get to know each other you’ll find that I do share more, especially over longer bookings. A dinner date leads naturally to more comfortable talk about where I’m from, where I’ve travelled a...


Keeping it in Perspective from a Female Client's Point of View

Wouldn't it be nice if instruction manuals came along with more things in life. Twelve months ago I wish there was one for being a male escort's client, but I certainly never found one! This world is not for the faint-hearted. I challenge any woman not to be nervous when meeting male model-like high end escorts, some who look like they've just stepped out of a Vogue worthy advertisement.So why did I do this? There are numerous reasons, some cliche perhaps, and some not. I have high standards in all areas of my life and that's a non negotiable. I wanted to build my self esteem, increase my confidence and feel better about myself. I needed to spend time on making myself happy instead of everyone else. But by far and beyond, I needed to smile and laugh more - and to my absolute delight I irrefutably did that. I have stayed in luxury hotels in Sydney and Melbourne, I've eaten at the best restaurants, I've been to concerts, and I have enjoyed the company of men whose internal kindness matched their external beauty.So the question I think that begs to be asked, is how can this all happen without feelings of some sort of attachment? I think the average person would think it is quite easy....

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That Springtime Feeling

My science teacher in tenth grade was called Mr Graves. He was sixty-five, only as tall as my shoulder and had a sense of humour that would make even your dad cringe. Our class pet was an axolotl, one of those primordial amphibians that is halfway between a fish and a frog. Every day we took turns feeding him, using chopsticks to hold the fish food because (as Mr Graves would say) “he’ll nip your fingers off if you’re not careful…” (I never did work out whether he was joking or not).Our teacher gleefully informed us that it was easy to get axolotls to mate, you just had to trick them into thinking that Winter was coming. “Just drop a few ice cubes in the tank, and they get all frisky!” I was fascinated to think that he even knew what ‘getting frisky’ was – he seemed a little past it. Obviously I know more about that now!There are two important lessons to be learnt here. One: most people stay ‘frisky’ well into their later years, including science teachers. Two: seasonal change has an effect on sex drive.Have you ever had that springtime feeling? The one you get when you step outside in the morning and feel warm for the first time in months? Does the smell of your neighbour’s flower...

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I Love the Smell of Latex in the Morning

I was visiting an escort friend on the weekend. We often get together to talk about our week over a few cups of tea or perhaps a glass of wine. Last weekend she was particularly excited because she had just received a gift from a client in the mail. It was something she was planning on wearing for their upcoming session together.The present was still boxed. I sat with her on the floor and we pulled yards of tissue paper from the package, finally revealing the deep lustre of a polished latex gown. Even before I could see the material itself, the scent of rubber was unmistakable. I was suddenly reminded of encounters I’d had in the past: sweaty and electrically charged, running my fingers over slippery latex and squeezing the flesh beneath. I breathed deeply of the scent of the dress, losing myself in the memories it evoked.Smell is an often-overlooked sense. One could almost see it as a defunct evolutionary trait. Our sense of smell is managed in the brain by the limbic system, one of the more primitive areas of our cerebral cortex. These structures have been around since mammals first evolved and their function is related directly to basic survival mechanisms. While our mammalian a...

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