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Keeping it in Perspective from a Female Client's Point of View

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Wouldn't it be nice if instruction manuals came along with more things in life. Twelve months ago I wish there was one for being a male escort's client, but I certainly never found one! This world is not for the faint-hearted. I challenge any woman not to be nervous when meeting male model-like high end escorts, some who look like they've just stepped out of a Vogue worthy advertisement.

So why did I do this? There are numerous reasons, some cliche perhaps, and some not. I have high standards in all areas of my life and that's a non negotiable. I wanted to build my self esteem, increase my confidence and feel better about myself. I needed to spend time on making myself happy instead of everyone else. But by far and beyond, I needed to smile and laugh more - and to my absolute delight I irrefutably did that. I have stayed in luxury hotels in Sydney and Melbourne, I've eaten at the best restaurants, I've been to concerts, and I have enjoyed the company of men whose internal kindness matched their external beauty.

So the question I think that begs to be asked, is how can this all happen without feelings of some sort of attachment? I think the average person would think it is quite easy. However, I think it depends upon where a client is emotionally; what they want out of the session(s) and the regularity of the sessions. It also depends upon the awareness of the escort, but in fairness most male escorts I've come across are extremely emotionally intelligent, and if they're not they won't last too long. Of course clients are human and it can happen. It happened to me. The thrill and rush of seeing my regular escort was intoxicating. He was gorgeous, fun and beyond charming. It was like being addicted to an expensive drug. But my short lived addiction was not about being in love, or lust, with him. I wasn't happy with myself and the arrangement provided a convenient decoy from handling other issues. He made me feel amazing and I chose to forget other things in my life. By no means was this his fault - he was just very good at his job.

So how, as a client, do you deal with any feelings of attachment? Like any relationship, communication and honesty are they key. A good escort will help you deal with how you feel. If you see them regularly you may need to pull back, or take a break. Whatever a client decides, upfront honesty and keeping matters in perspective will help to relay any fears or concerns.

I thoroughly recommend the services that male escorts provide. With a lack of any type of manual either on the side of the escort or the client, the more we talk about what can happen and how it affects us emotionally can only be a good thing. I admire male escorts - they truly are more of a therapist than most people think.
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