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A private, intimate encounter with an escort is something that every gentleman should experience at least once in their lifetime. Once you have made your decision to book an escort, your next choice will be to decide what kind of experience you would like.


Depending on the circumstances of each individual lady, your private escort can visit your home or hotel, or you may visit her.
Some ladies only provide incalls at her premises, others will only provide outcalls (visiting you). And many ladies provide both incalls and outcalls.


There are some important factors to consider when selecting your private companion, and it is important to understand that each lady will provide her services in a different location depending on her personal circumstances.



Some of the reasons that your escort may need you to book a hotel


In some cities like Melbourne, Victoria it is against state law for private escorts to provide an incall service, unless they have the appropriate licence. Gentlemen in Melbourne will need to provide the premises, either at their home or a hotel.



Some escorts choose not to see the client in their home on the first meeting. For reasons of security, an escort may elect to have your first meeting in a hotel.



Some independent ladies choose only to see clients in hotels. This is the way they have chosen to provide their services, and feels best for them.



Some of the reasons that you may need to select a hotel


Many gentlemen that book the company of an escort are in a living arrangement with another person. Both parties would agree that it is not an ideal situation to be in the company of a courtesan when somebody unexpectedly comes home.



A hotel is a different environment, and can help to create a particular atmosphere to enjoy an erotic encounter. It can sometimes help calm nerves, and prepare the gentleman for the intimate experience he is about to enjoy.



How to select a hotel

The criteria for selecting a hotel for an escort experience is a little different than selecting one for any other purpose.

Although cost, location and comfort will most certainly play a part on behalf of the client, there are certain factors that are very important to the lady who will be coming to visit you.

If you are aware of these factors and select your hotel accordingly, then your companion will feel much more relaxed, and will appreciate your efforts.



A big pet hate of most escorts is to visit a hotel that requires a card to access the lift.

It places the lady in a situation where she either has to wait in the lobby for you to come and collect her, or she must approach the reception desk and ask for a key to your room.

Your companion wants to be as discreet as you do, and draw as little attention to your intimate interlude as possible.

It is a private encounter between you and her – it is best to remain that way.


*tip: when arranging a hotel, enquire if the elevators require a swipe card or security key. If the answer is yes, then it is best to make arrangements with another hotel.



If you are looking for a lunch time rendezvous, you will need to find a hotel that allows an early check in. Most hotels standard check out times are 11am, and check in at 2pm. To arrange a meeting with an escort between these hours, you will need to find a hotel that accommodates any of the following:

  • late checkout. Stay the night before, and extend your checkout time beyond 11am. You will need to ask the latest check out time.
  • early check in. Some hotels will allow you to check in earlier, before the standard check in time. You will need to ask the earliest check in time.
  • day rates. Some hotels offer special day rates, between 9am and 5pm. This is usually for a lower fee than the overnight rate, although not always.



It is understandable that not every gentlemen wishes to spend a large amount of money on a hotel for an intimate encounter. It is an extra cost on top of the private escort’s personal fee. However there should be a certain level of comfort and ambience. Your escort has to feel comfortable, and safe. Many escorts only visit 4 or 5 star hotels. There are many websites available that allow you to compare hotel prices, such as expedia, wotif or trivago. You can often get a good quality hotel for a very reasonable price by visiting these sites.



Escorts love to be pampered and spoiled. One of the ways you can do this is by choosing a 5 star luxury hotel. Not only will you feel like you have had a holiday, but you and your escort will feel completely pampered. To complete the luxury package, book your private escort for an overnight booking. Wear the luxurious bath robes, spend a lot of time in bed together and enjoy some room service in a beautiful environment.



Never underestimate the importance of warm lighting, and a private cosy environment. It will automatically allow you and your escort to feel more aroused.

There is nothing more disappointing than booking a good quality hotel only to find that it is sterile, with harsh lighting. A room has to have a particular atmosphere, a certain something to create the mood and add to the sexuality.


On a final note, here are a few tips to make things run smoothly with your escort encounter in a hotel

  • brief each other before you meet in the lobby. If you are meeting for the first time, it is a good idea to let each other know how you will be dressed – a description of the clothing and colour. This is important, to avoid the mistake of accidentally introducing yourself to the wrong person in the lobby.
  • if your escort wants to call you in the room to confirm the booking with you before hand, this is a normal procedure that you should not be concerned about. Escorts are discreet – this is a very important part of their business, and what makes them successful.
  • if you are calling an escort in the late hours of the evening, it is a good idea to find out what time your hotel’s front door gets locked. Access to the hotel after those hours is usually only by key card, and both you and your escort don’t want her standing at the front of the hotel, knocking on the door for reception staff to let her in. This is not discreet for either of you. If your liaison is to be after hours, it is best to arrange to meet your escort somewhere discretely outside of the hotel and accompany her inside.
  • most importantly – enjoy yourself. You could be in for one of the most beautiful and addictive experiences of your life.
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