Your first contact with an escort is important – first impressions count.
Escorts are selective about their clientele, and in a very short time they will sum you up to see if you are someone they are comfortable to meet.

Many private escorts have a preferred contact method, which they know works best for them. It is important to follow any instructions as this will be the best way you can reach them. The majority of escorts will not answer calls from private numbers, so ensure your number is unblocked before dialling.

A text message, email or phone call that is polite and straightforward is appreciated. Simply introduce yourself, give your location as well as your preferred date, time and duration of the booking. If leaving a message, advise if you have a preferred contact method or time to reach you.

Your first attempt to contact your escort will not always be successful, if at the time they are not available.
Remember that although private escorts will sometimes be available at short notice, pre booking is usually preferred.

Be respectful and courteous in your contact, and they will respond well. The use of vulgar or offensive language will not impress them.

Certain ways we talk during a sexual act may be exciting and arousing, but they are definitely not acceptable when arranging a booking. Inappropriate language or descriptions of body parts will most likely result in an escort ignoring your meeting requests and blacklisting your number.

Do not try to negotiate an escort’s rate. Many escorts find this offensive and disrespectful.

Escorts go to an effort to make their information available to you through their advertisement. Read their profile thoroughly before contacting them, so you can keep your questions to subjects that are not already covered on their web page. If you are looking for a particular service or fantasy, always confirm that your escort will provide this service.
Do not ask for services that they have clearly stated that they do not provide.

When making a booking, most escorts will ask you for some personal details to confirm. This information must be taken for security reasons, and is generally not negotiable.



Hygiene is very important. You must look your best. It is important that your escort enjoys you as much as you enjoy them. Always be freshly showered, have a shave, clean your teeth and make sure your fingernails are not sharp.
If you wear perfumes or cologne, apply it sparingly. Your escort should only be able to smell it when they get very, very close.

If an escort is visiting your home, always provide clean linen and a fresh towel. Tidy up a little, and make sure the bathroom is clean. Your escort is a guest in your home, and will appreciate your efforts.

It is important for an escort to feel secure and relaxed. It is your responsibility to ensure that nobody else will be arriving home while your escort is present.

When offering any kind of beverage to an escort, always present it in a sealed bottle and open it only in front of them.

If you are visiting an escort at their residence, remember to be discreet. Their privacy is as important as yours and must be respected. If you are unsure where you are going, don’t make it obvious. Discretely call and ask them for directions, and make sure that nobody else can hear you.

All independent escorts are different in their lifestyle and boundaries. Some will share a glass of wine with you, while others will not. Unless you know your escort and what they are comfortable with, alcohol consumption should be very measured.

Being intoxicated has a very negative effect on sexual performance. You are paying for pleasure – not frustration – so don’t waste it.



Have the fee ready for your escort upon arrival. A common practise is to have the correct amount ready in an envelope, placed in an obvious location. Allow your escort a minute or two, to check that everything is in order.

The beginning of an escort service usually involves a bit of friendly chat, to break the ice and develop a rapport. Escorts are well known for their privacy and discretion. Be respectful of their boundaries, and do not ask personal questions. If your escort volunteers to share some personal information with you, do not take that as an invitation for you to probe further.

Be warm with your companion, enjoy the conversation and remember that a little bit of sense of humour goes a long way. This will make you feel relaxed, you will connect with them, and you are allowing time for your escort to connect with you. It may be short, but this time is important for developing chemistry, which prepares both of you for what is yet to come.



This is the best part of the escort service, the one you have been waiting for.
So let them make you feel good, they know how.

But never get so carried away with sexual excitement that you overstep their boundaries. Please always respect your escort's wishes.
There must be a good communication and understanding from the beginning of what services they provide.

There will be times where you just can’t get enough of your escort, and you will want them to stay longer. If your companion has no other engagements, they might be able to stay. It is expected for payment to be made at the beginning of any extended time.



It is a nice gesture for a client to send a short email or text within a couple of days, thanking the escort for a lovely time.
This is generally appreciated, and further builds rapport – but it must stay at that. It is important that you do not make frequent contact unless making a booking. If you invite your companion out for dinner or to go out socially, it is a booking and they must get paid.
Yes, they do enjoy your company – but please do not forget it is a business arrangement.

Being with a private escort is a beautiful experience, and one to be savoured.
If you treat them well with the respect they deserve, they will be looking forward to seeing you again.

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