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Down Time

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This year feels like it is getting off to a slow start even though I’m back from the holidays and back at work! January and February are traditionally quiet times of the year for me, perhaps due to the fact that there are school holidays or because all of my customers are still recovering from their Christmas spending.

I’m not complaining at all – I’ve had a couple of play-dates this month which have been fantastic. I’ve managed to spend quite a bit of time with my friend Gala Vanting, and also had a lovely afternoon of spoiling at Crown Casino. And on my days off, I’ve still managed to keep busy - my work is about a lot more than just seeing clients. Here are a few things I get up to during my down time:

I balance my books. Like any businesspeople we escorts pay our taxes. Like most businesspeople, we prefer to put the accounting off until the last possible moment. Having some free time forces me to tackle this unpleasant task, and although it give me a headache I feel better knowing that I will have less work to do at the end of the financial year.

review last years’ sessions – it’s good to remember what I’ve gotten up to, especially during quiet times as it reminds me what I have to look forward to in 2015. It’s great to see how some of my clients have come along since I first met them and I also enjoy remembering the fantastic new clients I’ve had this year. Making a mental list of the sessions I particularly enjoyed helps me focus in on the sort of services I enjoy the most. (Last year my favourite was role play, and who knows what this years’ obsession will be?)

I buy new lingerie because January is a great time for post-Christmas sales.

I check my client list for guys I haven’t spoken to in a while, and make a note of anyone who might appreciate a friendly hello. While I don’t believe in bombarding my friends with email, I do like to keep in touch so that they know I’m thinking of them. It’s sometimes tricky to gauge whether they appreciate my touching base with them, or whether they would prefer to be left to their own devices until they decide to book again; I do my best to respect their needs and personal space.

I take new photos. I’m a photographer and I love shooting portraits, however I rarely find time to work on my own image gallery. Quiet time is great for planning new shoots – my latest idea involves a bathtub full of inflatable jungle scenery. It’s very difficult to take photos of yourself but I manage quite well with a camera timer! The only problem is remembering to close the curtains so I don’t scare the neighbours…

This year has barely begun but I already feel full of good ideas. If you have a brilliant idea for a photo shoot, or want to rescue me from doing my accounting work, please do get in touch!

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