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Your first time - What to expect when seeing an escort

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I appreciate my clients so much! Over the years they have shared a lot with me about their experiences with the sex industry.

One thing I hear over and over is how anxious they are when they see an escort for the first time. They feel nervous about how to present themselves, and unsure of what to do. Being a shy person myself, I can imagine how nervous they might feel!

It makes me wonder how many guys want to see a sex worker but are too nervous to take the first steps. This article will help you out if you’re not sure what to expect in your first booking with an escort.

An important note before we begin: remember that every escort does things in their own way. I can give you a very general guideline of what goes on – just remember that you need to be flexible depending on the preferences of the lady you are seeing.

Let’s assume you have found an escort that seems right for you, and made a booking. Your appointment could take place at a hotel, your home or the lady’s location depending on the preferences of the escort and yourself. Please note that where you meet may also depend on the laws in the state where you live, as some (such as VIC) prohibit you visiting the lady.

So, your visitor is expected and you are waiting nervously, trying to decide whether to have a second scotch. (Don’t). Think of it as a date – a very short date, with the added benefit of knowing that you’re going to get lucky!

Whether you’re at home or in a hotel room, make sure your space is tidy – especially the bathroom, since you’ll both probably need to spend some time there before and after your liason. Make sure you have a few clean towels ready.

Just like a date, you’ll make the best impression if you are clean and well-dressed. A bit of mouthwash is always appreciated too!

When your escort arrives, be friendly but restrained, as though she were a regular guest in your home. Give her some time to relax to her surroundings, including the offer of a glass of water or perhaps a tour of your house (this could be particularly appreciated if she visits you at home, so she doesn’t have to worry that you have ten drunk footballers hiding in one of your spare rooms)

Make sure you give her the fee as soon as possible. Most ladies prefer an envelope of cash to a messy wad of notes. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can both put it out of your minds and concentrate on the fun stuff!

The lady may need to put a call through to her driver or a friend so that they know she is okay – please don’t take this personally, it is something that needs to be done with every client to ensure their safety.

DON’T try to get sexy, grabby or kissy with her before the fee has been paid, it’s rude and will make her feel uncomfortable.

Once things are comfortable, your escort might perform a health check on you, which is when she takes a look at your ‘bits’ to make sure you don’t have anything scary going on down there. This sounds awkward but a good escort will make it fun. Not everyone does this – It should be noted that many ladies won’t check you straight away… but they will be having a discreet look while you’re together, so if you have anything down there that needs to be checked out by a GP it’s best to get it all fixed up well before your booking.

Your escort may also ask you to shower, even if you did so before she arrived. Like the safety call, this is nothing personal and doesn’t reflect on you at all. It’s just a standard procedure to make sure you’re both as fresh as possible.

This is the hardest thing to explain, because everyone is different in their approach. It’s quite an interesting experience getting intimate with someone you have only just met! Personally, I like to start off with a glass of wine and some chatting on the couch or bed, then perhaps some cuddling or kissing to lead into more heavy foreplay. If you’re not sure what feels right, let your lady set the pace. Don’t be afraid to admit you are nervous or unsure. If there is something you want but you’re not sure if it’s moving too fast, feel free to ask- “may I kiss you?” or “is it ok if we go to the bedroom?” Asking is sexy and we do appreciate it. On the whole, your escort should be setting the pace for you with a view to having as much fun as possible in the time you have.

When it comes to actually getting it on in the bedroom, your experience depends on your escort and on what you are comfortable with. Generally a service will include oral sex on you and intercourse, but keep in mind that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If you just feel like a blow job or a hand job it’s fine to ask for that.

Safe sex is really important and you’ll need to follow your escort’s lead. She will supply condoms and lube, and is responsible for putting the condom on correctly. In Victoria it’s illegal for an escort to give you head without a condom, and it’s considered bad manners to ask.

Keep in mind that this is about the whole experience, not just about getting off. Your escort will do her best to look after you but in the end it’s your responsibility as to whether you cum or not. A lot of guys are nervous their first time around and don’t get hard, or get hard but are too nervous to cum. If this happens to you, try not to beat yourself up – we see it all the time and understand. Relax and keep doing whatever feels good! Even if it doesn’t happen exactly the way you planned, you don’t have to worry that we’ll think badly of you. This is your time to enjoy yourself and we aren’t going to judge you as long as you are respectful and friendly.

Speaking of respect, be attentive to her wishes. If she tells you to be gentler or asks to change positions it’s important to respect her, because unless she’s having fun too it’s going to be a pretty miserable experience. It’s polite to ask before penetrating her (including with fingers) or touching her anywhere sensitive. And for god’s sake, don’t go anywhere near her ass without asking first!

It’s nice to think that we could all read each other’s minds about what feels good but we can’t, so you do need to ask. It’s still sexy and will allow her to relax and trust you (this works for non-escort women too by the way!)

Your booking will generally finish up with some cuddling and chatting, with 10 or 15 minutes left over so that your lady can take a shower. It’s your escort’s responsibility to watch the time, however feel free to ask how much time you have left if you think she might be running late.

Your escort will take a shower and gather up her things. She may need to make a call for her driver to pick her up. When she is ready to leave, thanks are always appreciated if you had a good time. There’s no need to promise you’ll book again, and no pressure to tip her unless you really want to.

I sometimes feel that guys are a little down at the end of a booking. Even if we had a great time, leaving reminds them that I am a professional and they worry that I may not have been genuine in my enjoyment. Rest assured that if you behaved like a gentleman and you are happy and satisfied, then I will feel happy too because making people happy is the whole reason I love this job! It’s now time to pour yourself another drink and spend some time reflecting on the fun you’ve had. As great as the experience may be, the best thing you get to take away from it is the memories!

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