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TOURING ESCORT SERIES: An interview with touring escort Jessie Lee Pierce

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Welcome to the Scarlet Blue Touring Escort Series. Dedicated to our touring escorts, this series of our guest blog provides an exciting and informative glimpse into the world of an independent touring escort.

Please welcome Melbourne based touring escort Jessie Lee Pierce.


There are many things I enjoy about touring, but the best thing has to be the opportunity to meet lovely clients from all over the county, or the world (if touring internationally) and also meeting other escorts that I interact with over twitter. 

It's also a great opportunity to explore our beautiful country and have a working holiday. I hadn't been to Canberra before I went on my first tour there last year, and now I've been many times. 

It's great to head over to Brisbane and escape Melbourne's cold winter temporarily as well!


Timing and planning. I have toured Sydney on a public holiday that fell on school holidays. The dates of school holidays vary through out Australia, so its best to check ahead to ensure many clients aren't off touring themselves.

Cancellations are another challenge. I do require deposits for tours and I highly recommend other girls doing the same, I learnt that quickly the hard way. Even with deposits, cancellations do happen, which can be unfortunate for all.

I also recommend adding all your costs; flights, hotels, taxis, food, and then adding the total profit for the bookings you have deposits for and making sure the balance is an amount you're happy to make. Keeping track of expenses will also help you when tax time rolls around. Last minute bookings can definitely come through, but they should be a bonus, not something to always count on.


I fly with Qantas, and made a few changes to make this work best for me. I swapped my private health insurance to Qantas Assure so that I could earn points on my monthly payments, they also have a fitness app you can collect points through if, for example, you hit a daily step goal. I also opened a Bank West account as you also collect Qantas points. You can choose any airline, if they have a points scheme try to make it work for you. I've also found Qantas to be very flexible with making changes to flight times and cancellations. In the end it really will pay off, and you basically get a few free flights a year. It is best to book ahead on both flights and hotels but I tend to leave it to the latest possible time, so that I can extend the tour if need be. 

Hotels, personally, I use or Qantas accomodation. offer you a free night for every ten nights you book to the average value of the hotels you have stayed in, this has worked out great for me also. I might have a quick look at the hotels website, and Qantas to see if either has a cheaper rate but usually is cheaper. If your schedule is super flexible you may be able to book tours well in advance, this will give you the opportunity to jump on sale flights and hotels as well.

Uber is much cheaper (and friendlier) than taxis, so definitely use them when you can. 
If I'm in an apartment, I will try to make it to a supermarket to buy fresh food, this not only costs less but is healthier. 
Last year I was in a hotel in Perth and there was nothing close by, I spent about $450 on room service in 5 days, each main meal was at least $50+. The food was great, but it's also not very healthy and that's a decent cost gone, especially added to flights and accommodation. It was a shock to see the bill upon checking out!

Also try not to be over weight with your luggage, that can sting as well, I have only gone over once.


Look after yourself and don't over work. Last year when I started escorting and touring I made bookings for shortly after I arrived and shortly after I arrived home to Melbourne, this was incredibly stressful and not something I will do again. Everyone has different limits and different things that work for them. I like to arrive the night before and have some sleep and start the day fresh. I also don't like to work the day I arrive home. You will likely be tired, want to unpack, catch up on things at home, I think it's a great idea to give yourself that half a day off.

Collect deposits!!! Make it as high a deposit as you require. Genuine clients never have an issue paying a deposit, in my experience, or ask for a bunch of recent references of ladies they have seen. There are always discrete ways to make a deposit.

If you know your tour costs, and you know the bookings you have planned, make sure it's worth while around the week before. If it's not looking good, try postponing the tour for a few weeks. Hotels can be quite flexible up until 48 hours before check in and I've changed the time of a flight with Qantas for $0 before, other wise it may cost $50 or so. In that extra time, promote your tour and hopefully you will get a few extra bookings to make it a profitable tour. Most clients don't mind if you reschedule with lots of notice and a good reason. If the tour still isn't looking great a few weeks later, it might be worth while cancelling that tour, send back the deposits that you have and try another time or another city. It's much better than touring and being hundreds or thousands out of pocket and if you have some great booking requests in your home city. In saying that, the more that you tour a city, the better it should get as you get regulars.

Make sure your advertising is right. Promote your tour on social media, through news and announcements, each time you post you will reach a bunch of people that your last post missed. I read an article about social media marketing, not related to escorting, and it stated that to reach your full audience a tweet may need to be shared about 50 times, I guess this would vary depending on follower numbers, but posting about a tour once is not enough. You can reach out to past clients in the city you're visiting and let them know you are heading to town, although generally this isn't something I do as it feels a bit like hustling to me and I have their discretion in mind.

It can also be nice to catch up with a few girls if you have the chance, you can make a few friends, have a double buddy should the situation arise and can make for a fun tour.


I try to, it can be very hard on tour, but it's possible. I'm currently touring Brisbane and just got back from the gym I'm pleased to say. I'm not an early morning person, but I think the best way to stay fit is to wake up early, head to the gym, shower and get ready for the day. If I leave it till the end of the day I'm often too tired, in between clients can feel too rushed, so do it before you start the day if you can. You can always do some sit-ups, lunges and squats in the room if you have a chance. Hotel gyms range from great to basic, but they will usually have something you can use. You can always start the day with a run or long walk around the city you're visiting, or do some shopping :-)


I would have to say the Gold Coast. It was a tour by private invitation for a weekend on the Gold Coast with a client from Sydney that I had met previously.

My instructors were it was to be a weekend of fine dining, clubbing, lots of fun, and of course great sex. 
We stayed in a beautiful Penthouse apartment, and all I could see was beach, it was beautiful! We went on a helicopter ride, speed boat ride, Movie World, we saw the Suicide Squad in Gold Class, Jupiters Casino, had a private section with bottle service at Sin City night club, and even Hollywood strip club. 
It was a great weekend, we packed so much in to those days together! I came home very tired so I think we achieved the ultimate weekend of fun!

Other than that, touring on my own, my first Brisbane tour last year, I remember finishing work for the day around early afternoon & decided I was happy the work that I'd done and I wanted to enjoy the sunshine, so I was swimming in the pool and looking at the blue sky and thinking to myself "is this really my life now?", as I'd only been escorting for around two months at the time. The answer was yes this is my life now, and I love it and the people I meet, both male and female, and I'm thankful and feel so lucky for the amazing experiences I'm having.


I love Melbourne and I do enjoy coming home. It's definitely being with my cat in my own bed and in my own environment and in my own routine. Being away from home does make you appreciate these simple pleasures more though, so I guess there is beauty in missing something as well.

Jessie Lee Pierce is an independent escort who tours many cities throughout Australia. When not on tour, you can find Jessie Lee based in Melbourne. To find out more about Jessie Lee, visit her profile

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