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Are you a Sex worker? Join us on December 17, 2016

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Being a sex worker can be a fantastic job! We love connecting with people, working flexible hours, indulging our kinks and exploring our sexuality. But because of its amazing flexibility sex workers in Australia (especially sex workers who work alone as escorts and connect with their clients online) can sometimes feel isolated or unsupported. Escorting isn't like an office job where you spend most of your days working in a team or community with colleagues and peers. We don't have a water cooler to stand around and debrief or share our accomplishments. 

Sex worker organisations and peer-groups exist across Australia and are run by sex workers for sex workers. They're our office! Spaces we can chat and share information with other sex workers. If you're feeling lonely or if you have questions about sex work and you don't have anyone to ask, they are where you can find your community. Most sex worker organisations and peer groups are for sex workers only - so that we can share freely and overcome concerns about privacy or judgement.

Respect Inc are a Queensland organisation run by sex workers for sex workers. 
We have offices / safer spaces in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville and the Gold Coast where we offer peer support, sexual health information and supplies.

Sex worker organisations exist all around the world! And our global network recognises several dates as important to the sex work community. Often these dates are about empowerment or work/labor rights and we celebrate our jobs and our community together with parties, protests and media campaigns. In December we come together to commemorate our fellow sex workers who have been the victims of hate and violence; many organisations hold candlelight vigils or host public panels to address the dangers of the stigma associated with sex work. In Australia many sex worker groups are hosting social events where we can celebrate our community. We can combat the effects of stigma by making friends and building supportive networks - and most importantly by enjoying ourselves together as sex workers!

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers and around the world sex workers and their organisations hold events to recognise the cause. 
At Respect we will be hosting events on or near December 17th at all our offices for sex workers only

Event Details:

Cairns: Friday 15th 12pm-3pm 
Social event for sex workers

Brisbane: Friday 16th 2pm-5pm 
Sex worker film screenings and whore power badge making (with refreshments)

Townsville: Monday 19th: 12pm-3pm 
Social event for sex workers

Gold Coast: Call office for details 
Social event for sex workers

If you would like to join us please RSVP to: 
ph: 0476061661

If you would like more information about Respect, sexual health for sex workers or the laws about sex work in Queensland you can contact us or visit our website. 
Respect offices are also a great place to purchase cheap condoms, sponges, dams, femidoms and lube - sold to you by sex workers!

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