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The Role-Play

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Jeremy stepped into the elevator. He noticed that his hand was shaking slightly as pressed the button for ‘B2’. As the floors counted down on the lift’s digital display he fidgeted with his shirt, tucking and straightening. He wanted everything to look just right.

The doors were barely open when she slipped in. Dark curls fell in untidy waves over her shoulders. Not bothering to dress up this time: she wore low-slung jeans and a man’s shirt slashed at the sleeves. She grabbed him by the shirt front.

“Let’s go upstairs.” She hissed. “You’d better have that money, or else…”

His head was pounding. He stabbed the buttons blindly a few times and yelped when she yanked his shirt. Despite the pain Jeremy couldn’t help noticing the curve of her ass as she ground her fist into his throat. The lift began to rise.

I really REALLY love role play. I’ve done all the usual things – the naughty schoolgirl, the pervy secretary…I find the real magic happens when we depart from other people’s ideas of what is sexy, and bring forth our own individual imaginings.

At eleven pm Mark was woken by a pounding on his door. He was sitting at his desk, catching up on some homework – although the headmistress had called ‘lights out’, he didn’t want to miss out on any of today’s questions. Mummy and Daddy had paid a lot for this trip and they would expect a glowing report from his teachers when his class arrived home to Melbourne.

The knocking continued – God, someone was sure to hear if he didn’t shut them up! He slipped to the door and opened it a crack, “What is it?”

“Let me in!” a young female voice demanded. Mark tried to close the door but someone had jammed their foot in it from the other side. She levered it open, spilling into the room. Mark recognised her from the younger class. Her school uniform was in disarray with short untucked and carelessly buttoned. Mark saw a pink bra strap and blushed and even deeper shade of pink. 

 “Get out!” Mark yelped.

She took no notice. Instead she reached into her coat pocket, bringing out possibly the largest bottle of whisky Mark had ever seen. “Take this” she pushed it into his hands. “And this..”  She threw something else at him - a magazine that seemed to have a lot of naked women on the cover. Mark’s eyes boggled. 

“The headmistress is coming.” She said. ”You’d better hide this stuff – if she catches us with it who knows what will happen!”

Suddenly someone else knocked on the door.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep a straight face, but that’s okay – even the cheesiest scenario has a grain of truth in it, something that I find hot even as my partner(s) and I are laughing at ourselves and our bad acting skills. To role-play well is to not take myself too seriously, while at the same time honouring my own desires.

“It’s time to party!” shouted Beccy as she stomped through the door of Joe’s little flat. Joe adjusted his glasses, squinting at his friend’s new red-headed companion.

“This is Kat” Beccy introduced her friend. “I brought her over to hang out. That okay with you?”

“Sure …ok…hi.“ stammered Joe. He wasn’t used to having company. He and Bec had been friends for years but they only watched movies together. They had never even made out, except sometimes in Joe’s head when he lay in bed at night.

The new girl shook his hand and smiled at him with huge green eyes. She wore a tight Superman t-shirt over enormous breasts, a short denim skirt and Converse sneakers. Her glasses were thick but sat on the most adorable, freckled nose Joe had ever seen. He gulped, feeling like his jeans were several sizes too tight.

Beccy tossed herself onto the couch. “I thought we might do another movie marathon? “ She upended her shopping bag onto Joe’s coffee table, spilling out DVDs, chocolate and a bottle of cheap wine. 

Kat rolled her eyes “Beccy the trekkie, do we have to watch those again?  I’ve got a better idea…” she picked up the wine and smiled cheekily at Joe. “…Let’s play ‘spin the bottle.’”

When I enact a new scenario with my clients, playmates or friends, it’s a chance to step outside the everyday and explore being someone else for an hour or two. The chance to be someone else – someone new – and yet still bring parts of myself into the encounter – is priceless. I look forward to sharing my next creation with you!

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