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Spring is in the Air

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I love spring. It seems like the warmer weather provokes a sudden burst of optimism from all Melbournians: people go to the park on their lunch break, loosen their ties and crowd all the cafes along Elizabeth Street. Guys start sporting short shorts on the weekends, and women put on those little round sunglasses that make me think of the seventies. There’s so much more eye candy about.  

I think that Spring affects us on more than just a superficial level (and I’m not just talking about hay fever!) I sometimes find that it’s a time when old clients will get back in touch, or people will contact me with plans for adventures that they’ve wanted to try for ages but are only now getting up the courage to organise. Even more basic, for some people it just means suddenly feeling frisky again. After all, freezing Melbourne Winter temperatures are hardly conducive to taking one’s clothes off.

I love being able to show a bit more skin in summer. I was always a terrible goth teenager, because I would tan to a dark olive colour when given the slightest amount of sunlight. I’m a little more relaxed than I used to be – a little tan is okay, and my hair is turning a golden brown instead of the diehard black I was sporting last season. Other tips for staying metal even when it’s hot? Cut-off black denim is more comfortable than PVC. Spandex is a better choice than latex. I still insist on wearing my boots everywhere I go, which is probably the most important thing!

Let’s make the most of the good times! For any booking in November, every hour booking will receive an extra 30 minutes ‘bonus round’. I can’t wait to arrange an escapade with you - especially if I get to wear my goth boots…

Scarlet Blue special: 30 minutes’ bonus time for every hour booked. To qualify, email me and let me know you’re from Scarlet Blue!

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