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Reviews: Yes or No?

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Do I like reviews? This question comes from a dear regular client of mine.

Reviews and personal recommendations have contributed a lot to my work. Before I give my opinion though, please note: escorts don’t all feel the same way about reviews. Some love them; some don’t. If you plan on reviewing any other ladies, please check with them first.

There are three types of reviews that I receive: testimonials, advertising site reviews and punter site reviews.
Testimonials are my favourite. These are the kind words that guys and gals have written about me, to me – I receive them directly via email as part of a ‘thanks’ message or as a voluntary contribution to my website. Testimonials show potential clients that I’m trustworthy. Each one is valued as part of a great experience I had with one of my clients.

Advertising site reviews are less direct. These are comments – sometimes short, sometimes long – that are left on my profiles for advertising websites such as Scarlet Blue. It’s always thrilling to receive a review on my page at Scarlet Blue, because it means that someone has taken the trouble to go back to the site and fill out a review form for the sole purpose of telling me I’m great! When everyone leads such busy lives I appreciate it when the time is taken to give feedback on my work.

Last of all are punter site reviews. Punter sites aren’t exactly advertising sites (although they may have advertisements for escorts on them.) They exist as a forum for clients (usually guys) to chat, exchange tips and review workers. Some sites have literally hundreds of thousands of reviews Australia-wide or world-wide. They can be a great source of information, as they will generally list most well-established ladies. They are also useful for support and to learn more about the industry.

So which reviews do I like the most? And which are the most useful for you?

 I really love receiving positive feedback directly, so testimonials are my favourite type of review. I always put them up on my site (with permission of course) as a badge of honour. They help visitors to my site get a feel for the sort of person I am. However, they may not be the most useful to a potential client as he has no way of knowing if I’ve selectively quoted someone, or even made something up…which I would never do, but we can’t all be as trusting as I know you lovely readers are!

My least favourite type of review is those on the punter review sites. Because review sites are all about guys getting together to talk about their conquests, there tends to be a measure of bragging - ‘kissing and telling’ - that doesn’t happen elsewhere. Everything can (and often is) discussed publicly, from the conversation at dinner to which sexual positions were employed in the bedroom. Although I’m not shy, I feel that some details don’t need to be shared in order to give an honest review. It spoils some of the mystery. (Having said that, I do feel that I’ve been lucky; the reviews I have received on punter sites have tended to be fairly discreet and tasteful. I guess that’s just my kinda guy!)

Advertising site reviews, such as the ones offered by Scarlet Blue, make for the perfect balance. They are honest (as only a client can submit a review) yet they also focus on the quality of the lady, without too much indiscretion. If you’re looking for a way to express your happiness with our session together, leaving a comment on my profile at Scarlet Blue would be the best possible thing you could do.

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