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I’ve been active on twitter now for long enough to get to know many escorts through social media and have been lucky enough to get to know some of you in person.

One thing many of us seem to share, is our love for our pets.
I've noticed the postings of many of you with your kittens, birds, dogs and even horses - there is always such love pouring out of those posts!

I think having a pet compliments the escorting lifestyle brilliantly (if you can manage it of course!)
I have my own little feline fur balls at home and there is nothing more I look forward to than coming home and chilling out with them.

Escorting is an awesome occupation but sometimes it comes with a heavy energetic output. You are ‘on’ sexually pretty much most of the time and well, even nymphomaniacs need a day off!

I am definitely the kind of person that needs down time and respite from work here and there. I love escorting. I have such awesome clients but I need to break for a week here and there, otherwise I kind of lose my shit and I'm no good to anyone including myself!
During these times sex is not what I need….actually what I need is something very different.
For me there is something so therapeutic about having a little fluff-ball that wants nothing from you than a pat or a cuddle without the blow job!!! (No offence guys, you know we love you!)

My kitties inadvertently give me something that I really need in order to keep a sense of balance in my life.
The beautiful innocence of my cats is something I find so heart warming and enriching.

It’s funny how something so small and sweet can sometimes just be enough.
If I’ve been on tour and I come home, sometimes I'm pretty exhausted and there is nothing more I look forward to than the softness of my little cat's fur against my skin and the soothing sound of purring….it’s the perfect remedy!

I think what makes many of us good sex workers is we are empathetic and caring - we love to nurture.
It’s also important to be able to nurture in a totally non sexual way….for me I need this relationship. I don’t have to talk, I don’t have to have to be anything for anybody, I just want to hang out with my cats! It recharges me and then I’m good again and totally ready for some more fun and misbehaviour!

So for those of you SW's considering it, escorting and owning a pet, compliment each other brilliantly!
It works for me anyway!

Bianca Mia xx

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