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Hi there,

I know it’s been a while and thought I’d give you a little bit of a fresh perspective of where I’m at in 2019.
Recently I joined Curious Cat and though it’s fun answering all sorts of questions about me and my escorting life and what kind of encounters I like to provide, I thought I’d just jot it all down in one big diary entry so you can get more of an insight into who I am as a provider and as a person.

I started doing this job a few years back and I literally threw myself into the deep end. I had no experience and very little knowledge about the SW community apart from one friend who I am to this day very grateful!
I started out fully fledged independent and I’ve learnt a hell of a lot along the way!

Being mature, I've led a pretty rich and diverse life even before I started my escorting career. I’ve been in and out of long term relationships, experienced internet dating, travelled extensively, lived overseas, earned myself a pretty rich education (which I continue to engage in), fallen in and out of love, been broken, behaved badly, behaved like a queen, picked myself up off the floor and started again many times over!
I’ve run small businesses, worked in different industries in different capacities and achieved a multitude of things throughout my life. I’ve kicked some serious goals.
I’m very proud of who I am today. I have zero regrets. Life is one big learning curve and it’s made me who I am today!

I have friends from all walks of life. Really I’m a very normal (yet special!!) down to earth lady. I like to be discreet, it makes being naughty far more fun! Hehe!

So here I am today, 3 years after that first leap into this weird and wonderful world and have built my business to where it is today, and and I’ve never felt happier, more on point and more content.
I love this job of mine - why? Because I get to meet some pretty amazing people, have LOADS of fun plus make some nice dosh along the way!

I’m proud of my business and the incredible confidence it’s given me. I enjoy the challenges that any small business operator faces…but of course it’s the nature of it that turns me on the most. I just LOVE that incredibly mysterious and intoxicating thing called seduction, pleasure, connection, sex all rolled into one orgasmic wickedly beautiful package of ecstasy! - and in case you were wondering, I am a self confessed hedonist!

How do I run things?

Firstly above and beyond anything, I am very selective in who I see.
I’ve always been this way because I want to be sure I like who I’m spending time with and hence enjoy our time together. Connection is everything to me. If I’m happy, then you’re going to be happy, and if we’re both going to make one another happy then it’s win/win.

I like to chat with you on the phone before confirming any date to confirm compatibility and you can be the most nervous person in the world and I’ll probably like you even more!
When we spend time together basically you’re going to get the real me - no persona (other than the name and obviously that’s there for discretionary reasons).

I suppose this is another reason why I’m selective in who I see and particular in what kind of things I like to do and don’t - I just don’t see the point in you or me doing this if one party is not sure about the other or you want me to do things I don’t enjoy. I’m about mutual pleasure and this being a two way street.

I know deep down we all want connection and release and we all have different ways of seeking this - whether over a lunch/ dinner, overnight, weekends away, slow and sensual play or just downright wickedly naughty primal passion during your lunch break! At the end of the day we’re seeking a kind of release from the confinement of our everyday lives. I just love you to go away feeling that you’ve been totally sated in this way. It gives me so much pleasure, happiness and satisfaction to know that I had some part in making you feel amazing.

Bounded Authenticity is the perfect term to describe the kind of encounter I provide. Coined by writer and academic Elizabeth Bernstein in her work ‘Temporarily Yours’. I've been hash tagging it quite a bit lately because I guess it more aptly describes very much what I’m all about. It’s the kind of GFE that highlights more the genuine connection where 2 individuals forge their own unique chemistry as opposed to the GFE that describes a standard list of services.

When you meet me, you get a real human beyond the persona name…you do honestly get me, word of honour! Being genuine and real are qualities that I hold in high esteem and yes, you could say they’re my primary core values. So every encounter is going to be different - two unique individuals forging their own unique chemistry. How cool is that!

Securing a rendezvous- To start out, it’s all about communication. It’s best if you enquire with me about the encounter and services you are desiring. It’s very important to me to figure out what it is you’re looking for and from there we can decide on our compatibility!
Do read my bio, don’t only look at the photos - you’ll get a better picture of who I am this way!
Clear, polite communication before our date is imperative. I’m very open to the respectful gentlemen or lady who is seeking to explore the parameters of his/her sexuality…Talk to me! If I’m not into it, I’ll tell you so and with no judgement.

I definitely don’t engage in any unsafe practises. I have a responsibility to myself and my client base to maintain a healthy physical and mental wellbeing so I don’t take any risks. We can still have a hell of a good time. Trust me, this I can guarantee!

A word about client confidentiality- I’ve developed some pretty amazing and ongoing friendships since I started doing this. Client confidentiality is so important and so it’s a given. Don’t worry, I have no interest in prying beyond the boundaries of this relationship and what you choose to share with me. Your secrets are safe with me and hopefully mine will also be with you! You’re privacy as well as mine is number one!

So that’s about as much as I can bare banging on about myself! There’s only so much that words can depict, the rest, well, you’ll just have to come and experience for yourself!

Warmest of regards,

Bianca xox

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