Scarlet Blue - History

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Scarlet Blue is an escort directory created from over 20 years of experience in the Australian adult industry, and it is those experiences that were the building blocks for the successful escort directory of today.
There are many who have been interested and curious about its origins, the Karly in Scarlet Blue and what was the connection with Karly the Melbourne escort.

My background is that of a private escort from Melbourne. I started in the industry over 20 years ago, first working for an escort agency and after a short time there I decided to go independent all the way.
I was an escort  at a time where the internet was in its infancy, and independent escort listings were few and far between. Over time this changed and the online presence grew. There were several escort directories, but almost none had the presentation, quality, professionalism and respect that I felt the industry so desperately needed.

Karly became a very successful private escort in Melbourne, and for 15 years I was the beautiful escort and the business woman I always wanted to be, and I was rewarded from both. When the right time came I decided to finally leave my successful business behind, and take some time off for myself. 
There was never a doubt in my mind that I was returning to the industry I loved, and during the years as an escort and later in my time away from the sex industry, the dream and my want to create Scarlet Blue was growing stronger and stronger.

Hard work and sound investments sharpened my business skills, and I was able to travel to beautiful destinations that most people would only dream, which enriched my life and my knowledge. After taking my break from the escort industry, I was ready for my next chapter - Scarlet Blue the dream becoming reality.

Scarlet Blue has grown to become a major player in the sex industry, a premier directory. Spearheading a very talented and very disciplined team we share many dreams, and are working on many more exciting themes to make our experiences better. 

The escort industry is an industry like no other. Contrary to how the opponents of our industry like to paint it, most private escorts, agency or brothel escorts enjoy what they do, and do this work out of choice. There can be many rewards, and I am not just talking about monetary. It is a place where you learn much about yourself, about people, and some important realities of life.

Is it perfect? Absolutely not, and sometimes the challenges make you wonder why you have chosen this line of work. But tell me an industry where this is not the case ... I can think of none.
From every client I have seen, every experience I have been through, I have learned, become stronger and a much more understanding and compassionate person. I will always be thankful for sex work, and the valuable life lessons it has taught me.

So now you know a little bit of history behind Scarlet Blue. Its foundations, and its beginning.
Please sit back, take a little time and read why Scarlet Blue is a directory like no other.

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