Starting out as a new escort - where to begin

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Entering the sex industry as a new escort is exciting, and can also be a daunting task. Like any new business it takes research, knowledge and little trial and error to find your feet. Just like any other business, it also takes time to establish yourself and build regular clientele. You will need to have time and patience.

When starting out, some escorts choose to work for an agency or brothel before they become independent. Other escorts decide to begin on their own, as an independent escort. Whichever way you choose to do it, becoming a private escort is a big step. 
If done right, the rewards can be very high.

We receive many emails each week from people wanting to enter the escort industry, seeking advice on a variety of subjects.
We would like to cover some of the most frequently asked questions in this blog.
Here we will give you a little bit of information about where to begin - things that you need to be aware of, and links to important resources.


If you are entering the escort industry, we have many links on our escort resources page which can be of great value. There are links to sex industry support groups in each state in Australia, as well as links to state legislation. The sex industry support groups have been established to give you assistance and information - feel welcome to contact them with any questions you may have.

Escort resources page: 


The escort industry laws in Australia can vary quite a bit from state to state. It is your responsibility to be informed, and to be compliant with the laws in any state you are going to work in (including when on tour).

Some important questions that you will need to find out for your state:

  • do you need a licence to be an escort?
  • what are you allowed to show in your photographs?
  • are you allowed to list your services in your advertisement?
  • are there any services that are unlawful in your state?
  • are you allowed to work with another escort? (as doubles)
  • can you provide incalls?

Victoria and Queensland are the most strict states in Australia when it comes to escorts, how they operate and what you are allowed to advertise.

A brief example of some of the requirements if you are providing escort services in Melbourne or Victoria: 

  • You cannot provide incalls (where the client visits you). You can provide outcalls only (where you visit the client)
  • You must have an SWA number, which is registered with the Business Licensing Authority
  • Your photos must be of the head and shoulder area (body photographs can be displayed if you have an interstate tour page, but not on your Melbourne page)
  • You cannot describe details of your services

A brief example of the the requirements if you are providing escort services in Queensland: 

  • You must work alone, and cannot work with another escort
  • Your images must not contain full frontal nudity of the genital region
  • You cannot show a whip or BDSM equipment in your advertising, unless it has been approved by the PLA
  • You cannot describe details of your services

For more detail about the rules in your location, the Scarlet Alliance website has a lot of easy to read information for each state in Australia:


Men are highly visual creatures, and imagery is extremely important. Good quality sensual photos can mean the difference between a client clicking on your thumbnail image, or bypassing it for another escort's profile. 

Your escort images should be the highest quality possible. They do not need to be taken by a professional photographer, but they need to have a good quality finish. The escort industry is very competitive - it is important that your images stand out. Out of the many profiles to choose from, your images need to quickly capture the clients attention, and make him want to pick up the phone to contact you.

For maximum quality and impact, professional photography is recommended. If you are looking for a professional photographer, we have a dedicated Escort Photographers page on Scarlet Blue:
All of the photographers with the SB symbol have a lot of experience, and have photographed the escorts on Scarlet Blue.

If you would prefer to begin with amateur photos, you must ensure that these images are high quality. They need to have a sensuality and warmth, with the right lighting, background, angle and pose.

Whether you choose to use professional or amateur photography, keep in mind that when looking at an image your client needs to visualise himself with you in that environment. What works well in a swimwear or fashion magazine will not necessarily be successful for your escort photography.
This is one of the reasons why bedroom and boudoir photography is so popular, and effective. With the right environment, warm lighting and sensual pose you will capture the attention and imagination of your client, leaving him wanting more.


Each escort will decide her rates in her own way, which will be based on many factors. 
Some of the ways that escorts may decide on an hourly rate:

The experience provided

There are some services that will generally be provided at a higher price than others. For example escorts who provide erotic relaxation (non sexual) services may charge a slightly lower rate than escorts providing a full service.
A Girlfriend Experience will often be charged at a lower rate than a Porn Star Experience.
Some specific services may also be charged at an extra cost.


It is important to know the current average price that escorts are charging in your home town. This can be found out by researching several profiles in your city. You will see that every advertiser's prices vary, but after looking at quite a few profiles you will be able to work out an average.

Once you know the average price, you will need to make a decision about whether you wish to charge the average price, or a higher or lower rate. Some new escorts decide to charge a lower price to be more competitive when starting out. Others decide to put their rates higher. 

Many escorts give a discounted rate for long bookings such as multiple hours, dinner dates and overnights. A discounted rate for a longer booking can help encourage clients to book for longer, by decreasing the hourly price as the booking length increases.

There are many variables when it comes to pricing, and it can take some time to establish yourself and discover which pricing works best for you. Be prepared to be flexible until you find out your ideal rates - it can take a little trial and error.


It is important to remember that the only person who can dictate your prices is you. No matter how low or high your prices, there will always be clients who try to negotiate. You need to be firm, and let clients know that there is no room for negotiation.
If you decide to change your rates or provide a special price then it is because you have chosen to do so.


This is a big decision, and something that only you can make. Some escorts choose to show their face, and others do not.
It is important to take your time to decide which method suits you, your lifestyle and personal circumstances.

If you decide to keep your face hidden for privacy reasons, there are several different techniques you can use such as:

  • cropping out your face
  • blurring your face
  • having the photos taken from an angle where your face is hidden by your hair, your hands or a prop

Take some time and look through the Scarlet Blue website. You will find many examples of beautiful photography and styles of discretely hiding the face.


No matter how much you want to keep your identity private, you should never use the images of another person in your escort advertisement. It is a breach of copyright, in some states it is against the law, and it is a very bad practice that will create mistrust. Even if you look very similar to the person in the images, it is something that should be avoided.

There are many different and creative ways that escorts can have beautiful images taken that conceal their identity. Many of the photographers listed on the Scarlet Blue Escort Photographers page have worked with escorts, and have experience with different techniques to keep your privacy.


It is not uncommon for new escorts in the industry to advertise under several different profile names, but using the same images and / or contact details. This can create confusion with clients, and it may lead them to mistrusting your profile.
If a client finds your advertisement on several different escort directories and in each you have a different name, it can automatically create suspicion, and may lead them to think your images are fake.

It is important in order to create client trust that your name is consistent on all websites.


A common mistake for new escorts is to select an escort name and begin using it, without any research. This is problematic for a couple of reasons. There may be existing escorts who have been in the business for some time - some well known or established, who will not appreciate you using their name. Although it may have been done in an innocent way, many people will not see it like this. It is not the best way to start your escort career.
There can also be confusion with clients if you both have the  same name, as they mistake you for each other. Even if you look very different, it can happen and it has happened.


Once you choose an escort name it is best to stick with it for as long as possible. It is not advisable to change it frequently. To become established and build regular and repeat clientele, as well as build a name for yourself, it is important that clients can find you. If you change your escort profile name, old links to your original name will not work, and repeat clients who are trying to find you may be unsuccessful.

Which contact method is more convenient for you - email, telephone or both?
If you receive contact by telephone, will you be taking enquiries by phone call, text message or both?
Will you be answering private (blocked) numbers?
(Many escorts do not answer calls from private numbers, to assist them with their client screening)

When setting up your email or telephone, it is important to keep your escort contact details separate from your personal contact details. Purchase a new telephone and number for your escort business, and set up a new email address.
When setting up the email address, pay attention to your display name and what information is public. Test your email and check that no personal details are showing (eg. your display name).


There are many choices of escort directories to advertise on. Choose prominent escort directories with strong search engine presence, and customer service.

There are also many free websites that you can advertise on. Before you choose where to advertise it is important to ensure that you can be in control of the content of your ad. If you have your images and profile information placed on a website that has no customer service and no way of editing your ad, this can be a problem in the future. Your profile may be out of date, and old information may be incorrect. If you ever need to temporarily take your profile offline under emergency circumstances, you need to know that the advertisement can be removed.
If in future you decide to retire and you cannot remove your profile information and images from a website, then they may be online for many years to come.
(I know this from personal experience).

Scarlet Blue is Australia's Premier directory. Our website receives a large volume of traffic and is very prominent, featuring on the front page of search engines Australia wide. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service, and will work hard to promote you and your escort brand.

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