I am your escort - but don’t overstep my boundaries.

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A quick note to any gentleman who wishes to spend intimate time with me - or any other escort, for that matter.

Please take note.

I love the company of a gentleman, and nothing more than to please him.
I am a true delight to be with... to flirt, spend time and explore areas that you never knew existed within you.
I will provide the most incredible, intimate service that you will think about for weeks on end... if not months.

But in order for me to do this, I need some very important things from you.
I need to feel comfortable.
I need you to respect me.
Respect my wishes, my boundaries and my instructions.
Read my profile, find out more about me - what I do and don’t do, and if I am the kind of woman you are looking for.

I need you to communicate with me. If there is something really important to you, communicate it to me before we meet, and make sure that I can truly fulfil your desire.
There is somebody for everybody, and I do not wish to spend time with you if I cannot fulfil you, if we are not a match.

Intimate time spent with an escort is a privilege, it is not a given.
Just because there is money involved for my companionship, this does not make you entitled to do as you please.
No amount of money gives anybody the right to treat an escort in a way that she does not feel comfortable, or do anything without her consent.

I am a business woman. I am your escort, strong and independent.
In order for me to give you my best and share something very close and sensual with you, you must earn my trust - and maintain it.

So be yourself, enjoy the time you share with me, and indulge your deepest desires. I will enjoy my time with you, and want nothing more than to see your pleasure fulfilled. But please always remember that this decision to be with you is mine. If at any time you happen to make me feel uneasy, or try to step over my boundaries, I will take this privilege away without a moments hesitation.

From all the private escorts.

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