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To say that this last month has been busy is an understatement.

Scarlet Blue has very recently completed the first stage of our website upgrades for our escort editing area.

Never before has it been so easy for our escorts to update their profiles, and manage their listing.

We have given the ability for ladies to have their profile text immediately visible online as soon as they update their profiles. We have streamlined the escort editing area, making it more compact, quick and easy to edit different sections.

The shortcuts to navigate have also been simplified, so it is much easier to find the specific area our escorts are looking for.

Scarlet Blue has given our advertisers a great deal of control over the images that appear in their profiles. Our escorts can upload or delete from their main gallery, as well as select their thumbnail image. The Escort Selfie Gallery, which is a feature introduced by and exclusive to Scarlet Blue, has also been given an update to make it easier to use than ever before.

For new escorts signing up to advertise with Scarlet Blue, our profile building section is fast, user friendly and intuitive. We understand that escorts lead busy lives - many of them with studies or other jobs - and time is of the essence. With our updated signup area, escorts can create and complete their profile in only 5 minutes.

A lot of exciting changes have taken place, but this is just the very beginning of things to come. We have many plans, and Scarlet Blue will be implementing new features for our advertisers over the next coming months.

As well as upgrading the technology and features for our advertisers, we will be increasing the functionality of our whole website in general, paying particular attention to the Gentlemen members area. It will still have the same look and feel as the current Scarlet Blue website, but we will fine tune many areas and dramatically increase functionality to provide an even greater user experience.

Our Gentlemen members will find a lot of new and exciting features over the coming months, making their search for an escort unparalleled.It is our intention to impress you, and give you something truly unique and special, like you have never had before.

Welcome to the Scarlet Blue experience.

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