Always a pleasure to meet another escort

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I have recently spent some time travelling to different cities in Australia. Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are just some of the destinations.

During my travels and very tight schedule, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to meet some of the independent escorts who advertise with Scarlet Blue. Although my time was very limited and I would love to have met more, I was able to meet with some of the loveliest private escorts in Australia.

From the many ladies that I met, one thing that struck me was how much these independent escorts and business women were so different to each other. The diversity in looks, backgrounds, how and where they operate their escort businesses, their personalities and sense of humour is a true testament of the diversity of sex work and the escort industry. All beautiful women in their own right, so different and unique.

Although all different, there was one common thread between them all which is the escort experience. A common understanding … experiences shared. Things that we have all learned and been through. How we have grown and flourished as independent women who are in control of our own decisions, and our future. There was a connection there, an understanding, which was something really beautiful.

There will be future visits to many destinations in Australia, where I look forward to meet more of those beautiful ladies that grace our website, Scarlet Blue.

Thank you to the independent escorts who shared their time. It was something that I truly enjoyed and appreciated.

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