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Scarlet Blue recently introduced an exclusive feature to our website - the escort selfie gallery.
The escort selfie gallery is an optional tool that our advertisers can use, depending on their likes, needs and personal circumstances.

There were a few reasons behind scarlet blue’s decision to implement the escort selfie gallery.
There was a demand coming from some of the escorts on our website who wanted to upload selfie shots and candid images, taken by themselves, many times by using their smartphones.

As a policy, Scarlet Blue did not want to mix selfie shots in with professional or high quality images. Our website has been designed to showcase the best presentation possible, and we feel strongly that this is important for our escorts to compete, and attract clientele.

At the same time, we do understand the need for some escorts to be able to show clients a candid photo of themselves. Clients are increasingly asking escorts to send them a selfie image. Some ladies feel very strongly that they do not wish to show any photos of themselves except for those appearing in their profile pages – and they have every right to make this decision.
There are other ladies who would like the opportunity to share a selfie image with their potential clients, and upload it to their profile page.

Every escort will have her own opinion about selfie images. Some ladies really enjoy them, and have become quite expert at capturing a very sensual image that is taken of themselves.
There are other ladies who are not selfie fans, and do not like to offer candid photographs of themselves.

Scarlet Blue respects all of all of these viewpoints, and the opinions of all of our advertisers. Our website simply provides a platform where an escort can display casual selfie photographs of herself, if she so desires.
For the ladies who do not wish to do so, there is no requirement. It is completely optional.

By introducing the selfie gallery, in no way do we wish to take the emphasis away from the importance of having good quality images. It is important in escort advertising - or in any other industry - to provide a beautiful presentation to your potential client. By presenting yourself in the best light possible, with good lighting and sensual pose, a seductive image will capture the imagination and attention of your potential client.

There is a very real relationship between the traffic received to a profile that has good quality, sensual images as opposed to one that has very bad quality amateur shots.
On most occasions it can be the difference between a client contacting you for a booking, or moving on to view another lady’s profile.

The escort industry is very competitive – it is important you do your best to stand out.

At the same time, many clients like to see a selfie shot. It can be a nice addition to a lady’s professional images, and a lot of fun.

On a final note, there is an important point which i wish to highlight. Scarlet Blue has made a very conscious decision to keep our escort’s candid images separate to the main gallery.
We understand that although some people may enjoy viewing these snapshots, the selfie gallery does not have the same quality or finish as the escort’s other images.
It is important to keep our escort’s profiles looking as beautifully presented as possible.

Quality photography is and always will remain one of the most important elements of successful escort advertising. First impressions always count - so make a good impression.

Image credit: José Manuel Ríos Valiente

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