Pay attention to your escort's preferred contact method

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An escort service can be one of the most exciting and beautiful experiences you can encounter.

It is important to start off on the right foot, and establish a good rapport. There are many simple things that you can do to make the booking process smooth and straightforward. You will leave a good impression, and your escort will appreciate your contact.

When making contact for the first time with your escort, it is important to follow her instructions. A lot of ladies are not escorts full time. They have other jobs or businesses, and some are students.

Private escorts need to be contactable for long periods of time in order to receive bookings. Sometimes they have their phones on from morning until late evening, and out of the many enquiries they receive, only a certain number of those will translate to real bookings.

An independent escort often communicates with her clients throughout the day and night. In many cases, she may not be in a private or convenient location at the time of your contact. Your escort may be in the company of friends or family, she may be in line at the supermarket checkout, in close proximity to other people. I am sure you will agree, this is not the appropriate space to discuss the details and specialities of her service.

For this reason, the majority of private escorts will state a preferred method of contact in their advertisement. It is very important that you follow this method of contact, as this is the way that fits in best with your escort’s lifestyle, and her unique individual circumstances.

A few pointers -

If your escort asks for text message only, then just text her – don’t call.
If your escort asks for phone call only, then phone call it is.
It is very simple – there should be no confusion about it.

If her preferred contact method does not suit you at the time, then it is best to wait until a time that it does. Ignoring her instructions and continuing to contact her in another manner will only upset her, and run the risk of her not wanting to see you.

Escorts lead very busy lives, and their situations and personal circumstances are all individual and unique. The majority of escort’s friends, family and colleagues do not know what they do for a living. They are trying to juggle an escort business with many other aspects of their life, which can be quite a challenge. She doesn’t need you to make it any harder for her.

A couple of very quick points which are simple, common sense.
Follow these and you will make your escort happy, and be on the right path to a very positive experience.

- read your escort’s profile thoroughly before contacting her, particularly the rates and services
- ask questions about things that are not covered in her ad, but are particularly important to you. Communication is important, and it is best to find out beforehand if there is a service that you are fond of and she does not provide it
- contact your escort by her preferred contact method only
- when making a booking, be concise and to the point: state your name, the date and time you would like to see her, as well as location, and the duration of the booking
- do not ask her personal questions
- and never, never try to negotiate the price

As nice as it is to imagine that your escort is sitting in her lingerie waiting for you to contact her, unfortunately it is not a reality of life. Always keep in mind that your escort may not be in a situation where she can speak freely. Be understanding and accommodating, and she will reciprocate.

Mutual respect is important. Start things in the right way, and you could be in for an experience that you will never forget.

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