Sex work is work

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No other industry evokes more emotion and debate than our own, the venerable escort industry.  No, I used this particular word, venerable, very carefully as I believe being the oldest and most enduring industry, just on this premise alone it commands respect and admiration. It has survived the ages and time may conquer all, but not the escort.  

We have changed with the times, we have evolved and will continue to do so.
I will quote the novelist L.P Hartley and say "the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there". True to that statement, our industry and the ladies of the past, the courtesans of pleasure, those beautiful highly motivated private escorts certainly played their cards under different shades and light. 

The politics of the day were instrumental governing the “everybody’s" perspective under the vice of religion and their culture. And everybody is everybody, friend or foe. So we have those who practice the art of pleasure as a business, those who are accepting it and the ones who wish to abolish it. 
This will always remain the same as long as this world exists.
But for that particular class that wants to abolish sex work, they are misguided and they are fuelling their beliefs with archaic preconceptions, stereotypes, models and personal ideologies. 

We escorts are unique, intelligent and diverse. Each and every one of us has something special to offer to our clients.
We share intimate moments, we are the architects and engineers that build those special bridges of which many of our clients so much want to have and need. We are here because we choose to be, and will remain so until we choose otherwise. 

We choose this profession as escorts, why is it so difficult for some to understand and accept. Sex work should and must be treated as any other business. Sex work is work.

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