Images for passion

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What makes a good image? That magic spark that creates impact, that seduces the audience and leaves them wanting more. The mystery, the sensuality and allure of the escort. The ability to mesmerise the client and make him want to pick up the telephone to contact you, and arrange a discreet encounter.

This is a very subjective question, and there is no correct answer. Every person will have their own unique taste, and idea of beauty.

There is no doubt that with escort photography there are elements that are critical to an escort’s image. Warm lighting, beautiful background and suggestive pose create a warmth and sensuality, inviting the viewer to come in. Through the right combination of setting, and erotic pose you capture a moment in time that lingers in the imagination for a long time to come.

An escort should never miss the opportunity in her photographs to create sexual tension and mystery. The invitation through her imagery to seduce and tease.

A lot can be learned from classic black and white photographers, whose depiction of women's sensuality is both artistic and seductive. Some of the most powerful and sexy images of all time are those where the subject is partially dressed … in a suggestive pose, inviting the viewer to further explore what lies underneath. The images are erotic, sexy and teasing - and always leave a little to the imagination.

In her photography, an escort is always trying to evoke emotion by capturing that special moment.  The image that defines her, that shows her beauty and most alluring features. when everything comes together enslaving the attention and the imagination of the client. You have leaped out silently and caressed him, touched him, excited him. Now that will stay with him, and makes him want to make that call.

As a private escort, it is important not to underestimate the role that your photography plays in the success of your advertising. It can mean the difference between a client contacting you, or bypassing your profile for another. On many occasions at Scarlet Blue we have seen an escort’s profile traffic double when she placed a new image collection online. It is a testament to the power and importance of good quality imagery.

There is not a magic formula, however there are certain classic details that seem to work very well in escort photography.

This will set the mood for the photography, and capture you at your best.

This is critical to set the scene of the images. It is important for clients to imagine themselves in this intimate setting with you, and this is why bedroom photography works so well.

What you wear in your escort photography is very important. Whether it is expensive designer lingerie or an inexpensive slip or dress, the price tag is not important. What is important is how you wear it, and that it accentuates your best features. Escort photography is not all about nudity. It is about creating a mood of eroticism, seduction and and sensuality.

Feeling sexy during your shoot is one of the most important parts of your photography. If you feel sexy, you will convey that to your client naturally and your poses will reflect this. In addition to this, a good photographer can help to direct you about which poses are the most flattering, to capture your best features. 

So, how to find a photographer that will capture you in the best possible way? There are many ways you can do this. You can search the internet for photographers in your location. Boudoir photographers have a lot of experience with sensual photography in a bedroom setting. Study their portfolios, and ensure that their photography reflects the style you are looking for.

If you are looking for a photographer who has experience working within the escort industry, you will find many listed on the Scarlet Blue Escort Photographers page
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