Escorts, first contact -understanding the other side

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When searching for an escort, there are many challenges, hurdles and obstacles.

A client has to outlay quite a substantial fee to see an escort. For him it is an investment into his happiness, it is something he needs. For many it goes far beyond the sex, and a client will book an escort for a host of different reasons. The client wants to meet with an escort whom he will have a good rapport with, will make him laugh, make him feel comfortable and special.

With an escort service, the intimacy is a given … but compatibility is not. Unfortunately it can all too easily turn into an experience that he wishes did not occur, his pockets a little more empty, his needs unfulfilled. So before locking in the final arrangements to meet his companion, it is important for a client to feel that the escort he will see will not be a waste of his investment.

There are countless escort directories, escort websites and free classifieds. Unfortunately the owners of many of these websites have not taken any responsibility for the content. There are hundreds, if not thousands of advertisements promising true genuine photos, all while using fake images of overseas porn stars and models.
There are irresponsible escort agencies pretending to be private, there are 40 year old private escorts claiming to be 25. There are bait and switch routines, and then there are escorts who are honest with their advertising – but do not provide a good service.
The expression ‘punter’ is used quite often to describe a client, and I can understand why.

Escort advertisements can be quite daunting to a new client. He must try to determine which of these escorts is genuine, who he can entrust his finances and his time. An experienced escort or client may be able to spot a fake ad a mile away, but for the new punter it is far more challenging. Unfortunately sometimes they must go through a bad experience, and learn the hard way. One of the reasons that the many forums and escort review sites were created was for clients to warn each other about such bad practises. The forums may have adapted and evolved to become something different to that today – and that is a fiercely passionate subject that can be debated for hours.

The gentlemen who have been through these experiences with misleading advertising and deceptive practices can be a little wary and cautious when contacting a new escort for the first time. There can sometimes be a clash, as the client is seeking that confirmation – that reassurance that the escort’s photos are genuine, and she is what she claims to be.

On the other side, the private escort, the businesswoman is a professional who is conducting herself in a manner that is honest, trustworthy and business like. For these escorts, the idea of using fake images, bad practices and bait and switch routines is incomprehensible. They are independent for a reason, so that they can make their own decisions, market themselves in their best way possible, and be selective about the clients that they wish to see.

They invest heavily on advertising, photography, clothing, cosmetics and lingerie. They may rent out an apartment for their business, or hire a driver or security to take them to outcall bookings. They take their business seriously, and they want to offer you their very best. So when a client contacts them and questions their integrity, it is understandable that they can be sometimes upset, abrupt and to the point.

Escorts have their own challenges at first contact with new clients.
Upon first contact, in a very short period of time an escort will have to use all of her experience, knowledge and instinct to sum you up and determine if you are a person that she will entrust with her time, with her physical presence and the privilege of being intimate with her body. After all, you are a complete stranger, and she is going to be physically as close to you as it can get.

The ability to separate the genuine client from the fake, to determine if a client will be respectful towards her and her boundaries, to enter a physical space where she feels comfortable, so she can give her best – this is the escort’s challenge.

First contact between the private escort and her client is a very important thing – more than I can say. It is the moment where both client and escort will decide if they are willing to spend time with the other, and give that first level of trust that is necessary to lock a booking in place.

While assessing your own needs, try to keep in mind the challenges of the person at the other end of the telephone, and understand the other side. A little understanding can go a long way.

Clients should avoid making the escort hesitant about the encounter. If you believe that she will just see you because you are paying her, you can think again – an escort can cancel the booking at any time, for any reason, so it is important not make her feel uncomfortable.

There are some topics that must never enter the conversation. Negotiating prices, talking about the size of your penis and dirty talk will get you on her bad side from the start. Never try to push for services that she does not provide, and keep in mind that she may need notice and is not always available to see you straight away.
It is not difficult to make a good first impression with your escort.  If you are polite and respectful, to the point and you have read the details of her ad, she will appreciate that more than you could know.

For escorts, it is also important to remember that the client contacting her may need reassurance. Although she may be an honest business woman, unfortunately there are those out there who are not, and the client in his first contact will be assessing the situation to see if she is somebody he can trust. Some of the questions that clients ask is not because they are wasting your time, but because somebody in the past has greatly wasted theirs. So give them that reassurance – without compromising boundaries.

Trust is a two way street, and it takes a little understanding from both sides in order to meet in the middle.

The escort and client encounter is a beautiful experience, and one to be savoured.


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