Knowing your escort

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The private escort and client relationship has always been a topic that fascinates those reading their memoirs, diaries and the book that floats downstream from time to time. I think a look behind the scenes leading up to the sms, phone call or email can be as interesting.

Now the private escort plays no part at all in the making of what eventually turns out to be time wasted over nonsense, or a booking turning sour because the client clearly never cared to see past the physical appearance of the escort in her profile. Obviously he missed the opportunity to find out who that person is, and understand to some extent what is expected of him.

There are many assumptions and a few myths that seem to be entertained by the minds of some people. Among those pre conceptions some are serious, others just silly made up stuff. On top of that, there is that image of the stereotypical private escort that a few men hold onto so tight. So understandably, the escort in her profile is attempting to cut a clear path through all of this and point out to her client the all about her as it is.

One really ill-conceived assumption is that money is all it takes to make her do anything. This is so wrong and pathetic, and any person who even remotely harbours such beliefs should step out and walk. Sir, you are out of line.

The escort wants to make her client happy, and she will if you see a little of the person behind the phone number and understand the highs and limitations of your engagement. It’s not rocket science: read her profile, keep still and listen, listen to what she says to you, those lines, the paragraphs – every sentence and word in it are there for a reason. They are written for the sole purpose of communicating basic facts about her to you. You connect visually and that triggers your interest about her, but to go no further than that can be the cause of much disappointment later, and in many cases can cause confrontation.

Every private escort’s profile is different, so it is very important you read every single profile that you are interested in and see if this escort is the right one for you.
There are many reasons that brings an escort and her client together. But whatever those reasons and needs, one thing is certain. You see the escort for something special … sharing a good time, enjoying each other and when you part you both feel good and satisfied.

A few simple things done by the client can make all the difference. Read carefully all of the information in her profile, make no assumptions and do not expect anything different if it’s not there. Her style and samples of her personality are there for you to see. You must feel comfortable and attracted to both physical and scripted information. If there are some grey areas and you need more information, a phone call, text or e-mail will easily clarify the situation. Take note of her preferred contact method. Respect her wishes and contact her by that method.

The bottom line is that you as the client must pay attention to all of her details in her profile, understand and meet her expectations should you decide to meet her.

Some states are more liberal than others. A Brisbane escort is restricted to be descriptive of her services, and a Melbourne escort faces the same. It is best if in doubt on some grey areas to further seek clarification that what you want is being provided.

Communicating and understanding your private escort is the key to a satisfying and enjoyable encounter.

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