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I was driving to a booking one night, and I couldn't help thinking about the conversation I had a few hours earlier with the person I was about to meet. He was cheeky but bordering on being insulting, witty and funny to some length yet touching the limits of my tolerance, spiced with arrogance but tamed and the tone was deliberately styled to impress. I was of two minds, I did see clearly the effort and it was even more obvious to me the person had rehearsed every angle, he seemed pre-pared for all my checks and balances. There was nothing there to suggest anything foul, nothing unsavoury from him, just a little doubt in me.

I answered the phone, and he asked me if I was an independent escort and if my photos were true of me, and my age, and this and that, question after question and I listened. I paid attention to every word and I heard every heartbeat. He kept talking and I kept listening, a smile from me he did not see but he surely felt, a laugh he did hear but couldn’t see. He booked two hours and for me it was like staring inside a vacant lot that needed to be filled with something beautiful very quickly. It re-minded me of Henry Miller when he wrote those lines in the tropic of Capricorn, of the two maniacs trying to have sex through an iron grate. Impressive stuff, because at that moment there was little to connect me, and worse I didn’t feel at ease.

First impressions are important, as they seem to stick like bubble gum and are difficult to get rid of. First contact, the attitude, this connecting escort and client phase, that warm fuzzy feeling you experience when talking to someone new, is essential. I would have had fewer doubts and negative thoughts had he given me that warmth and made me feel excited to meet him. Sometimes good bookings are lost to negative first time contact, and unfounded assumptions by both parties. The private escort is nobody’s fool and the gentleman must understand that. It is just as important for the escort to understand that many times her client needs more time to relax and be himself. That once the awkwardness of the initial stage is out of the way her client is everything she would have liked him to be and more.

The benefit of the doubt must always prevail, and more importantly not allow any predisposition to rob the client from having a really good time with the escort of his desire. So I trained my thoughts for a positive encounter, and readied myself for a good time. Just like on the road there were green lights and red lights and many stop signs, but at the end it all worked out fine and satisfying for both.

There is a vulnerability with meeting any client, it plays both ways and nobody is immune. For the client and the independent escort this will always be present, and both need to understand its implications. Whether you are providing the escort service or receiving it, it is mind body and soul interactive, and for that moment in time this can be the most beautiful thing anyone will ever experience.

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