Escorts - cause and effect

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She was a stunner, a beautiful woman, very sensual. The type that men masturbate thinking of her and others fantasise in wet dreams.

She walked and talked and touched everything differently, she seemed excited and her gaze appeared dazed… dream like. The encounter lasted a few seconds, the after effect and her ghost like figure lingered on for years, for so long rising and falling but never disappearing from memory. She was the perfect escort, the private escort in all of us.

I guess in many ways we all share the same ethereal presence, and for many who see us and experience  our touch, and share those dream like moments they see the same  escort each and every time.

Being an escort is a roller coaster of an experience, more so than any other profession, with peaks and sharp turns, steep descents and all those twists and turns. You see and experience the world in a prismatic fashion, white light spreads into a kaleidoscope of colours and the excitement regenerates itself on the edge of each peak and the apex of each turn.

It matters not how you choose to market yourself, meaning whether you like to advertise as a private escort, or be part of an escort agency or brothel. The escort experience is a constant that demands to be adaptive and self-correcting, to follow the contours of an ever changing clientele landscape.

It does matter a lot though being able to see the shifting sands, to differentiate solid state from quick sand, and to know when the cultural trend has fashionably changed. It’s easy for an escort to create a micro cosmos of a bubble and behave as if she is the center of all admiration and attention.  Some escorts fall into this self-created grandeur, which is perfect for the marketing strategy… but failing to keep the perspective and a reality check is counter-productive, and stalls the potential growth of the escort.

Whether it be a short stint in the business or making it a career, doing it right is the only way to maximize the business potential.  Adjusting your marketing strategies to absorb, cushion and sustain your growth against the fluctuations and trends of the present times is essential.

Oh yes, the escort of today is riding the biggest and tallest roller coaster and everybody knows what that means. ….Hmmmm, should be fun, every escort knows that – the question is, how much of it is fun? Only the escort herself can answer that.

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