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You walk into a hotel foyer at 1 o'clock in the morning and you might as well be naked, such is the scrutiny by the types and kinds behind the receptionist desk. They know (and you know that they know) you are an escort, and it becomes a little uncomfortable for some girls.

Many of the hotels today have security access to their floors, which can be a problem to private escorts for a multitude of reasons.

There was hotel in Melbourne that made my blood boil. More about that later.

It is the time slot that clashes with the establishment. Under normal circumstances, during the day early or late evenings your presence is ethereal, a ghost like imagery passing through almost invisible. Nobody cares, no one is paying attention, business as usual. But early morning hours play different tunes.

One scenario is you approach the receptionist, and politely you mention the name of your guest in room so and so …..A quick check up with the guest, and you are in a lift on your way to your client.

Alternatively, you have the gentleman you are meeting to take care of your arrival by either meeting discreetly in the foyer, by the lift, or somewhere mutually agreed.

Unless a private escort arrives dressed to make tabloid headlines, an elegantly dressed, tasteful and fashionable appearance is an asset for every space you walk, and any stare you attract is one of envy and admiration.

Back to the hotel I mentioned earlier – my pet hate. A 4 star hotel with an attitude. The staff were on some kind of a power trip, and the moment you walked in they took pleasure in all attempts to embarrass you, annoy you, anger you – the lot.

It happened to me a few times. One night in particular, the manager took great pleasure in trying to quiz me about my movements in front of his staff, and his guests. What an unprofessional little man he was.

I challenged his attitude, in the most elegant and professional manner possible. I was well spoken, articulate, and although very angered and annoyed, I did not show it. in the end, he came off looking every bit of the fool he was. Needless to say, it didn’t happen again.

It was business as usual each and every other time, and I felt good. I was on top of it.

Some hotels are easier than others and learning how to deal with each one of the difficult ones and be in command of the unexpected is part of the learning curvature and escort experience.

One of the most effective ways to make your arrival smooth and the process easier, with the lowest profile possible, are the arrangements you make with your client beforehand, and his participation in assisting you. If you know the hotel has high security and the set up is not favourable, it helps to bring this to your clients attention so you can organise your entry.

It is important to remember that most clients will want the hotel staff to know about their visitor much less than you do. But how they go about this will depend much on whether you client is experienced, married, paranoid or completely clueless as to your situation.

What worked for me was to give the gentleman a brief before my arrival. There was not a hotel in Melbourne that I had not been to, and I knew the positive and negative attributes of each establishment. I had a plan for each hotel, which allowed me to lead the conversation and suggest the smoothest entry for all parties.

If we were to meet in the lobby and I had never met the gentleman before, a description of each others outfits was a prerequisite. There is nothing worse than introducing yourself to the wrong person in a hotel. It has happened to the best of us.

There are hotels that are an escort’s dream, where you can walk straight to your clients door without any intrusions. But it is the client who chooses the location, and unless he asks for suggestions, you have little say in it.

Some clients choose a hotel for its service and luxury, and what serves their business interests best. The private escort plays no part in how they make their choice.

Other clients choose a hotel for the exclusiveness of being with their escort, and the privacy they can enjoy there. Those gentlemen are likely to be more particular and self-conscious with what they choose.  Everything else falls in between.

In an ideal world, your client’s hotel will tick all of the boxes and be a pleasurable experience. It will be luxurious, private and discreet. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes you would have wished it somehow be different.

But that is how it is. We do not live in an ideal world.

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