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We thought that an update about our current status and what is being planned for next year is needed.
It will help the escorts who advertise with us and the wider audience who visit our site to share our vision.

Our growth in terms of the private escorts advertising with Scarlet Blue and market share is steadily increasing, and our prominence in search engines very strong.

Scarlet Blue Australia is the exclusive site for the Australian private escorts, dedicated to promoting their interests and providing an exemplary service. It is here that the independent escorts can find a platform solely for them. This exclusiveness serves both her needs and those of her clientele best.

Scarlet Blue International is coming next year, with sites in the U.S, Europe and possibly Asia. We have a dedicated technical team now constructing the program that will service Scarlet Blue International. An advanced system, able to evolve and adapt with the many challenges in the future.

An advantage that will serve to provide the best available service for our escorts and clients.

It is an ambitious project, and an expensive one, with many complexities that need to be addressed individually and very carefully. Progress is slow, as to be expected, but getting it right and making it perfect is our target. Certainly not easy, and to make it work, attention to detail is critical.

The actual day by day management of Scarlet Blue International will be separate to Scarlet Blue Australia. Two separate entities each with its own staff, under the direction of a central office. That means the quality service we provide to our private escorts in Australia will remain the same, and under no circumstances will it be affected by the international operation.

The U.S in particular presents some very unique challenges, and putting it all together isn’t just a matter of web design but getting the legal requirements correct, and the marketing strategies that work best.

A few words regarding the domestic scene here in Australia.

Scarlet Blue Australia does not represent escort agencies and does not represent brothels. We represent individual girls answering to their own private number, private email account and private social media portals.
That makes such individual private, and independent.
This policy is strictly enforced and very rightly represents her profile on Scarlet Blue.

It is important as an escort directory to be inclusive of those escorts in the agencies and brothels. By website design, it is important to make it very clear to the visitor the affiliation of each escort. Scarlet Blue’s policy is to make very clear to its audience and clients who is independent, who is an agency and a brothel, so that the client can make an informed choice without confusion. We are working on this, taking into consideration all the variables and best angles. But whatever these considerations are, under no circumstances will the integrity of Scarlet Blue Australian escorts be compromised. It is and will always remain exclusively for the private escorts.

Finally a little something for all to remember. We are constantly searching for new concepts and ideas that can be implemented to further promote each of our private girls and their interests. But we never fail to see their clients as being the most important. Linking the private escort with her client, elegantly and effortlessly. We thank every one of the escorts here for their support, and we thank all those gentlemen and ladies for visiting Scarlet Blue. We will not disappoint.

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