Escorts - equal rights under law

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The alternating state of tolerance and repression where societies under government viewed prostitution as a healthy and much needed institution one day, and as an evil and degrading affair the next, continues. The acceptance of sex workers and the escorts providing the service we all need simmers under the surface in a constant battle of enlightenment and understanding, versus the bias and ill-informed views of the many few. Nothing really has changed in the course of our history and this apparent gathering of views, the clash of ideologies and political expediencies have served as the trigger mechanisms for the many conflicts surfacing then, and now.

The recent events in Melbourne regarding Amnesty International and the decriminalization of the sex industry, brought to the surface the beliefs and views of the private escorts and those working in escort agencies or brothels against the beliefs of many and very passionate adversaries.

As a private escort myself, I chose to be one. Nobody made me do it, and nobody influenced my decision in making it a career. I loved my work, I was in command of my finances and every aspect of my business, accountable to nobody and directed by none except the law of the land. Today’s escort is a business woman, and this is exactly how I carried myself.

The problem is that the cycle of tolerance and repression is being fueled by an endless debate that fails to understand that sex workers can never be eradicated and those people involved, the escorts, need not to be rescued. Escorts need rights – not rescue.

There are problems and many issues that need to be addressed, but none qualifies for not granting the rights that a sex worker should have, or having to endure the existing laws that grossly discriminate. The belief of some people that all escorts need to be rescued is ill conceived.

Every industry has exploitation, and every industry suffers corruption. Not one is immune.

Those against decriminalizing the industry, the lobbyists and the high end brokers, those walking the corridors of power and influence, can play dice with many of the above issues and stretch the existing tolerance in order to appease their morals, or further other interests and gains.

So much is the bullshit that goes on that you get our anachronistic state laws here in Australia, and some really ridiculous laws in America.
Really, it’s pathetic to outlaw oral sex in 18 states, or impose the missionary position as being the only lawful position in some others.
We’re not even talking about sex workers here, the above laws have nothing to do with escorts, just sex between two people – but clearly you can see where the source of some the arguments originate – deeply immersed in values and moral concepts of another era.
The senate in France are debating whether to criminalize the client of the escort, and in Italy they scratch their heads about laws that are now becoming problematic and infectious.

When Louis IX in France tried to ban prostitution in 1254, it proved to have disastrous social consequences, widespread protests and civil unrest. He had to revoke the decree by acknowledging the “pragmatic desirability “of the escort.

Our society needs the escorts, and the escorts need their rights, not to be rescued. Equal rights under law.


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