Sex, escorts and double standards

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There is something really out of this world about the clergy, and without being disrespectful about some true saints, I will narrow my narrative and train my focus on those whose practice has been to crucify everybody else but themselves.

I was given this paper serpent toy, the type that contracts and expands concertina style when pulled on a string, and I did pull that string and the serpent paper toy moved like a snake concertina like and scared the living day lights out of me. I was only five years old.

Now the church as an organized body, established on a bedrock bigger than any other known, dark and secretive as the deep trenches of the sea, has produced some very impressive paper serpent toys to scare the hell out of anybody who dares to sin – especially with sex, and double the condemnation if you are to be with an escort. They don’t use that word by the way – the preferred word is prostitute, harlot, whore – to name a few. Obviously they love dirty talk a lot.

The mass production of paper serpents by the masters of deception has never ceased, and it is the most effective way to scare people into submission and control.

So if anybody out there has told you anything contrary to what we do here and practice, he has given you a paper serpent on a string, and you’re pulling it screaming.

Take a look into this dark alley of manufactured fear in past generations, and you will see clearly the hypocrisy in all its splendor.
You will find the ultimate contradiction, and worse, you will witness something extraordinary.
The whore is being raped by the virgin in the secluded yard of punishment.
Yes, we are talking about some of the churches most insidious characters that even the devil himself got paranoid about having them onboard.

They made you feel so guilty about sex and the carnal pleasures, that even the distant thought of sexual pleasure caused anxiety and all sort of emotional problems. And while you were bleeding at your knees, praying for forgiveness because a dirty thought entered your mind, they were in the midst of moans and cries of pleasure surrounded by the escorts and courtesans of their era. They were having the time of their lives – and as one of them famously said “God gave us the Papacy, lets enjoy it” – and he did.

Pope John XII practiced diligently in the rape of female pilgrims, and converted the Lateran Palace into a brothel and had many escort girls to satisfy his desires. He was finally clubbed to death by the husband of woman he was having an affair with.

Pope Leo X was another one of those interesting characters who took all the sexual pleasures for themselves – but sold forgiveness to all the rest. Too bad if money was an issue, and you were forever aroused.

Now here is the K9 of all the dark  minds. Pope Alexander VI. He loved sex so much that all the escorts in Rome, escort agencies and brothels were not enough individually. He took them all together, and indulged in orgies the kind our best porn stars would envy. This man was a classic, he pushed the envelope even further, and took his own daughter to bed and had a son with her.

Pope Benedict IX must be the worst case of hypocrisy. Rapes, brothels, escorts, homosexuality, bestiality, orgies and vile adulteries.

Next time I will have a few lines for some of our politicians, but for now I can think only of one thing that makes me feel good… sex.

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