The phone app - missing

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Our phone app is ready, but with no place to go we decided to bury it.

It was meant to be a native app for the Android phone. That in itself limits its use by 50% here in Australia, as the Apple iPhone is every bit hostile to adult content.
Of course the directive from Google placing similar restrictions on adult content were known to us from last year, but we pushed ahead anyway with some hope that there may be a way out … or rather, in.

The philosophy behind this approach was to get the app made, and then work out the possibilities and choices available – like a loop hole where you make it on a technicality, so to speak. And the team worked hard, the ideas were exciting, the morale high and the adrenalin of something new and exciting kept everyone in high spirits. Alas, it appears that anything that has sex in it becomes an issue which soon develops into a discussion, and finishes up barred from seeing the light of day. PayPal, Apple and now Google decide to draw a line in the sand – and the implementation of an app advertising private escorts, escort agencies and brothels simply goes up in smoke.

Every company has its standards and they exercise their right to enforce them. Sadly for us in the sex industry, all too often we find ourselves limited, and unable to develop and evolve as freely as we would have liked. It would have been just incredible to have our app running, with features that many in the public seeking the company of an escort would have loved. Maybe one day, some of those restrictions will ease and ourselves and others in the industry will offer the innovation and choices the escorts and their clientele deserve.

Our first blog here was about aspirations and goals, the scent of success and about a team dedicated to seeing Scarlet Blue become a leader in this industry. Our strategy is simple, but effective. Quality, service and innovation. Attention to detail and open to adapt to changes beyond our control. The escort industry is no different to any other industry, and the principles of engagement are the same.

Our phone app is a success story, the delivery of this outstanding product prevented by a much more powerful mindset. Scarlet Blue respects that this is how it is – for now.
But we have more ideas and our team is hard at work right now – more of this later. But for now… smile, we wait.

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