The elite escort - the business woman

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Perception is much more powerful than the truth. And the perceptions for the sex industry worker evokes heated debates. Still in some quarters, inside some minds and even among the progressive intellectual elite, is a mixed bag of myth and reality. It seems that nobody knows the difference between the serpent and the dove.

The stigma a sex worker has to endure is hard to erase… like a tattoo taken out by laser, it leaves the trace of something being there. The old school, laced with religious fervour and occupying the high ground of morality are now falling off their holy mount. In a world spinning by many truths, indoctrinated by many religions and their Gods and manipulated by philosophical arguments or the expediency of politicians, the oldest profession suffered the most. Each millennium carried the sex worker in a repetitive cycle of tolerance and punishment. Put all that aside, and steer clear from the poison that spills like sewage from the minds of the fearful. Here are the facts.

The courtesans of yesteryear and the elite private escorts of today, beautiful women with enterprising minds, and always in demand. Each one a business woman in her own right – confident of herself, and self-assured. The choice of her profession has been carefully selected and the application of her practice masterly crafted. She is in the commanding position, her stance often taken by some as imperious. But she is the business woman we all admire and respect.

Pleasure has a price, and the offering is a transaction that must be appreciated. The discerning Gentleman understands that, and respects it.

In every profession there are levels of competence, growth or stagnation. Some individuals live with their reputations and integrity intact – others fall into quicksand. The professional private escort is not immune to any of the above, so judgement must be reserved.

Unfortunately there are hurdles and obstacles yet to overcome. Every private escort, and every company in association with promoting their business interests are faced with the same restrictions, imposed by ill-conceived government legislation. Of course there must be laws, it is necessary for the well-being of the escort and public. But these laws must reflect the realities of today, and best serve the public.

I can write this with conviction as I was one of those high class escorts, who very successfully for over 15 years practised the art of the courtesan. And now, with new challenges at the helm of Scarlet Blue, I look forward to other destinations – which I dare say, are just as exciting.

The elite escort of today showcases the most beautiful profession of all, and the industrious business woman behind it.

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