Performance anxiety

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Performance anxiety is common among clients, and all too often it does spoil what could have been a mind blowing experience .

Monday morning 8.30am.
12 hours until your escort is knocking on the door, and you are all ready in some role play…..
A steady stream of thoughts and images of how to impress her, what to say, how to make her like you, what to wear, type of after shave ….ummm – maybe not shave – leave a little growth, she may find it sexy.
Damn, I forgot about that, oh God I forgot about the other….
And thought after thought, little by little, the melt down has started.

Time is 4pm, 4 hours and thirty minutes to go….tick tock tick tock

Time 6pm, and everything is racing around you, except time. Oh man… now it seems as if time has slowed down.
Back and forth, bedroom, bathroom, bedroom and bathroom again… how do I look?
Standing in front of the mirror, you try to look the man you want to be for her – the one she will remember for a long time.

Time 7.30pm… and you notice that your manhood hasn’t moved a centimetre, which is a surprise to you. With 60 minutes to go, mr dicky should be twice as excited and standing up ready for action… what the hell is going on?
This has never happened before, Loui the man inside my pants has never let me down… and he had a better look when I booked the girl, he approved her. There were some little rehearsals too, all good, everything about her seemed to get us both very excited.

Time 8pm, flat on the bed, then the couch trying to get mr tool to work, but he’s dead as a dodo and it seems nothing you do is working.

15 minutes and thoughts of cancelling are gathering, no…. it will be ok… oh man, where is that fucking porn I was looking at yesterday… shit, time’s up.
Ding dong ….she is here – and you are out of your head .

Hello….let’s start again.

Don’t think too much, and do little to impress. Just be yourself and relax, get to know her and flirt a little – forget the sex.

Put that sex out of your head and you will most definitely have the best sex later in the booking. Let it happen the way you do when picking up someone in a bar, street, or any place.

Sit down and talk, humour her and have a good time. Look into her eyes, touch her, and if you end up not having sex with her, its okay – next time you will, guaranteed.
She is there to have a good time with you – make you feel good.

Being with an escort is not all about sex… that is part of the experience, but not all of the experience. It is about you and her, the getting to know each other and share real time and a beautiful time… it is about mutual respect, and intimacy.
So talk to her, find out about her likes and dislikes, pick an interesting subject and share opinions…. ease in and feel your way around, make her fall into your arms. Things happen.

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