Courtesans - the elite private escort of today

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If you are an elite private escort, you can claim the title of the Courtesan. It means that you are a high class intimate companion, who specialises in offering an exceptional service for discerning gentlemen who distinguish themselves in wealth, class, influence and power.

You are very exclusive, very selective, and your clientele are a cut above the rest.

Back in the older days, many of the Courtesans were well educated women with impeccable manners, and they themselves came from an upper class environment – well to do families, and influential circles. They were found in the courts of aristocracy and royalty. They were mixing among the academia, the bankers, the politicians, the judiciary elite… in short, they were everywhere that there was wealth and power, with all the spoils.

Marriage as an institution had little attraction for those worldly ladies of passion. In those days, love had nothing to do with getting married – it was business as usual, and the marriage offered some degree of security and comfort – and of course, sex.

For some women, this was simply unacceptable. Nothing could be more boring than the confines of marriage and monogamy.

So they became the private escorts of the 19th century. They were private, and since no agency managed their affairs, they were the first independent escorts. The word describing their elite status: Courtesan.

These Courtesans were the playgirls and the mistresses of many who were fortunate to afford them .They were true intimate companions in social functions. In private quarters, and in all situations luxury, sex, lust and passion underpinned everything.

Today, we love the word Courtesan. Just like the Courtesan of yesteryear which clearly depicted the upper tier of their chosen profession, a Courtesan of today is very much the same. An elite, high class escort for discerning gentlemen.

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