Leave it to the imagination

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There is a bizarre practice that exists when some gentlemen contact an escort, which has always left me in wonder.

Most, if not all, private escorts have come across this practice at least one time in their career, and for other escorts it is quite a regular occurrence.

I am talking about the penis picture.

The unsolicited image of a gentleman’s appendage which is completely unnecessary, and unacceptable.

For the sender of this particular kind of image, I often wondered what was running through their head, and tried to understand the motives.

Did he think the photo would impress the escort?
Perhaps make her more excited to see him?
Would she be thinking of him before their meeting, because of this introductory image?

A lot of men do not quite understand the mind of a working lady, and how they think and function.
Yes, she does see sexual organs, often.
She is not shy at looking at one, and in the heat of the moment may be very excited by it.
But there is no need for you to send her a picture of yours before your meeting.
It will most likely result in a cancellation, and you also run the risk of being blacklisted.

A private escort is a professional.
Her business may be pleasure, and she may be a woman who loves intimacy, with a very high sex drive.
But that begins and ends in the bedroom.

There is another side to her, a professional side.
When making a booking and conducting an enquiry, it is this business side of the escort that you are dealing with.
Your enquiries and conduct with her should be professional, polite and respectful.

That being said, it doesn’t have to be all business and sterile. A little flirtation between the two of you when arranging a meeting can be a good ice breaker. It is a good way to build a rapport, and establish if you will both click.

But there is a big difference between a brief flirtation and sending graphic images that she did not request. Vulgar language and dirty talk should be seen in the same way.
There is a time and a place for everything – it is important not to get these rings confused.

There is nothing complicated about what I am saying, and there is a very simple way to ascertain whether or not you are conducting yourself in the right manner with an escort before your meeting.
Ask yourself this question: would you send this kind of photo to a woman before your first date?
The answer is no.

When contacting your private escort, treat her with the same manners and respect that you would if you were arranging a first date. It is a simple gesture, but the rewards can be very high and she may return to you far more than you can possibly imagine.

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