The best is yet to come

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As 2015 is fast approaching and this year draws to an end, we take time to reflect on the rewarding year that has been, and look forward to the excitement and challenges of the new year ahead.

From humble beginnings, 2014 saw Scarlet Blue ascend through many different phases, and shape it to be the beautiful website that you see today.

A thought that began many years ago in the mind of a working girl, a dedicated private escort who went through a myriad of experiences that shaped her mind, her thought, her outlook on life. Taken from the many hotel lobbies, the suburban bedrooms and intimate surroundings. That true understanding of the clients needs that had to be coupled with those of the private escort, and married in perfect unison.
There is a depth and complexity that surrounds the private escort, her personal situation. The discretion and absolute secrecy required for both escort and client, to guard their privacy and allow those intimate liaisons to take place.
Who better to understand their needs than somebody who has walked the same corridors, and felt the same highs and lows.

But that is just the beginning.

A lot of escorts have these kind of thoughts and dreams. But it takes more than meets the eye to make it a reality, and bring these dreams to life. If anybody thinks that this road is an easy one, think again.
It takes passion, technical knowledge, sheer hard work and determination to see it through.

Scarlet Blue has all of these ingredients.

Coupled with escort industry experience, we are fortunate to have a team of extremely talented, highly dedicated and knowledgeable people who have a vision, and the technological expertise to deliver this vision.

Over the course of this year, Scarlet Blue has climbed from obscurity and onto the front pages of search engine searches, Australia wide. We have transformed ourselves from an unknown brand to a name that is known and trusted by both escorts and clients. Our care, attention to detail and reputation for excellence and customer service cannot be matched.

Scarlet Blue has become a leader in the Australian escort industry. We have introduced concepts, ideas and functionality that have other escort websites following our lead. Some are even reinventing themselves to be a mirror image of Scarlet Blue.
If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then we are flattered indeed.

But try as they may, there is a certain quality that cannot be copied, duplicated or reproduced. That dedication, artistic flair and attention to every detail that makes something truly unique and beautiful. This is the Scarlet Blue experience.

For the last few months, our technical team have been working on a complex structure, a new framework that will serve Scarlet Blue for now and well into the future. To be completed in 2015, this structure is being designed and built from the ground up, and gives Scarlet Blue the ability to offer our escorts and clients a user experience and functionality that is both user friendly and highly advanced at the same time, with the ability to evolve and adapt to the ever changing needs of new technology.

Our plans for 2015 are both exciting, and very challenging. We look forward to bringing you something very special, which you are really going to love.

On a final note, we would like to say thank you to those private escorts and their clients who helped bring Scarlet Blue to where it is today. Thank you to the ladies who gave us the opportunity to promote them from day 1 when we were an unknown. Thank you for your trust, your loyalty and support. We will never let you down.
And to the clients who have helped Scarlet Blue become a well known name, those gentlemen who talked about us to each other, who recommended Scarlet Blue to the escorts that they see, who gave us feedback about our site and those who have supported us publicly via social media. We are grateful to every one of you, and we will continue to strive to provide you with a beautiful escort experience.

We are Scarlet Blue.

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