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For the contemporary private escort, marketing herself in a very effective way is paramount. To promote her brand and her services, the escort needs to employ strategies and devise policies, and she must implement procedures that will ensure the desired outcome.

It is a holistic approach to planning a successful career, and long turn planning is important. Naturally the escort can choose a short stint in the industry, others choose a part time engagement, and everything else in between. But the sum of all parts can only be added to spell lasting success when the necessary discipline is applied, and sustained.

In other words, the private escort must work out her route with a good plan, and then stick to it for at least enough time to see what works and what does not work. There will be adjustments and fine tuning, and among many considerations the one that stands above the rest is advertising. I don’t think enough can be said about its importance, and the subject itself is an art and science of its own. It means exposure, it means transporting you, the escort, in a line of sight. It means business, it brings in work.

I hear from many sources about the saturation of advertising outlets, and that there are so many adult directories out there. Yes, that is so true. But the question is, which of the so many that grace your field of vision are professional, trustworthy and effective, that you will consider to advertise with. Obviously it is impossible to advertise with them all, and naturally the choice is to select the best. Once the decision is made, then it is the escort’s responsibility to create that aura about herself. It means knowing what the client wants and what she, the escort can offer in return.

It is the selection of fine points that clicks positively or negatively on the escorts profile. Such points are anything from photography, to wording and pricing. Getting the balance right generates bookings and long term clientele. There is very little to gain advertising sophistication and intelligence, but in the script of the escort’s profile a different picture emerges and regretfully, not the one the escort is wanting to depict.

Smart advertising is key to being successful, and more importantly the escort should see it as an investment. Money spent on advertising and photography is money well spent, and it pays dividends far exceeding the small capital invested. Any business has expenditure, and the private escort is the business woman that understands how to convert such an expense into an asset, and how to invest for growth.

It’s all about numbers, percentages and success.

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