The importance of regular clientele

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It takes time for a private escort to build her regular clientele, there is no difference to any other profession. If you are new in this industry, you need the patience and perseverance for the task ahead. A good marketing strategy, smart and consistent advertising and an impeccable service will soon get the desired results.

In my opinion, the most desirable of all is regular clientele. The gentlemen that you have established a relationship that works well for both, and the sensitivities of passion and business are well integrated.

The private escort scene is very competitive, and being seen and in particular noticed is important. Having that special booking with a gentleman feels really good, but having that same gentleman return on a regular basis is what being established and successful is all about.

During the financial crisis starting in 2008, it was the regular clients that kept me afloat. New bookings became harder to get, and many new escorts back then were hard hit by the world financial downturn. I’m not suggesting that all of my regulars were on the phone booking my services – many of them were badly affected, and some dropped off some never to be seen again, sadly. But I had many long term regulars, and they kept me strong.

I always looked after my regular clientele. It was important that they would continue to want me to come back to see them. It was good for me financially, but also on a mental level.

As an escort, it is always a nice feeling to know where you are going, and with whom you will be meeting. There is a familiarity, a comfort zone. You and your client have built a good rapport, a positive professional relationship and understand each others needs. A good long term regular client will get to know your personality, your likes and dislikes. There is much less chance of them surprising you with situations you are not comfortable with.

Some of them will even spoil you with gifts and treats.

Of course this is not always the case, and it is important to never let your guard down entirely with a good regular. They are human, and they can become too attached. What was once a very healthy and professional relationship can turn into one filled with emotion, jealousy and ill feelings. This is when it is time to say goodbye – no matter how good a regular he is.

At the end of the day, an escort service is a professional one, and this must never be forgotten.

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