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Trekking down the history path is stimulating, and very educational. Pick a subject, any topic or people, the highs and lows of our civilisation from Stanley Kubrick’s bone spinning high at the dawn of a timeless creation of human ingenuity to this day today, discovery is exciting and inspirational. As a private escort myself, I have always taken an interest about the history of our trade, and believe me there is no humble beginnings here. Look everywhere and search any kind of industry, any profession, and you find the humble beginnings. But not with the sex industry, we are too good for that. It was a bang and a blow from the start – and costly.

I love reading about success stories, and of course the teacher will always point at those great fleshy figures that left their mark for all to see. Milestones of many sorts in commerce, engineering, medicine, invention and leadership (politics that is). But is there anything that the escorts of the world have achieved, and their contribution influenced our ways in the past and today?

Absolutely, and here are some interesting facts. During the late 1800s, Scott Joplin led a few black pianists in improvising the ragged music. It was to be known later as Ragtime. But the “decent” and high in morals general population felt it was immoral to listen to this lot, and as it turned out the American federation of musicians forbade all their members from performing it. Here is the juicy part: the prostitutes and madams and all the escorts of their time recognised the music as being something different, fun loving and innovative. So much so, that they actually paid (and it wasn’t cheap) to have that kind of music played in their brothels. During those years the escorts and the generosity of their clients paid to subsidise Scott Joplin, Eubie Blake, Charles Hunter, Louis Chauvin and a lot more gifted composers to survive and nurture ragtime into something that the folks accepted and respected. This new form of music was now established from late 1800 to the early twentieth century. Brothels in New Orleans red light district subsidised the early Jazz musicians in a similar fashion to ragtime. From there on it’s all history as they say – but it was the escorts of the night that made it all happen.

Time travel is easy when you read and think, so imagine some 2500 years ago, give or take a century or two. The legend of Rhodopis lives on and on, as the most charismatic and influential private escort of all. A very successful escort indeed, but with fact and fiction competing fervidly it’s hard to say the full extent of her achievements. A Greco woman, she worked in Egypt and she earned a reputation of fame and fortune. They say her wealth grew to be enormous, and her influence far reaching. Certainly an exceptional woman, a business woman, and a beautiful escort.

I have a lot more interesting things to say, and share many of my past and recent discoveries about our profession… but it takes time. For now, we wait until the next blog.

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