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Where humans interact conflict is inevitable, that’s how it is - end of story. So all escorts will undoubtedly face the least desirable encounter at some stage, and is very upsetting when it does happen. For me, the simplest way to understand the negative side of my date with Mr X is to draw from those incidents where I, the private escort, was involved and see the whole thing objectively. It doesn't matter how you cut it, you can never make a logical assessment and reason effectively where ego and emotion play a big part. The moment you see things through your perspective only and fail to see another, you have compromised your understanding and lessened your chances for better conflict resolution tomorrow.

In our industry the word ugly mug is often used for those clients who are instrumental in upsetting the escort by being grossly disrespectful, those who exhibit a pathetic attitude in their whole approach of seeing an escort, before during and after their brief engagement. Unfortunately these people are there, and every private escort will eventually meet one.

I understood a long time ago that my best line of defense was preventing it from happening in the first place, by careful selection and screening. Failing to do that, and if I found myself in the middle of it, the second most effective strategy was to diffuse it. Easier said than done, but it does help.

In our age of apps and texts and e-mails, the human factor should be given a lot more attention – and I mean to talk to the person on the phone as much as possible.
Listen to his voice, and engage in a conversation where doubts can be ironed out and personal needs and certain expectations can be clearly understood by both parties.

Once in a booking, some clients love to talk and talk – they clearly enjoy the social factor and the personal intellectual coupling. Sex comes last but not least, which can sometimes be a cause for trouble ahead.
One of the primary sparks inducing conflict and some rather nasty behavior is where the client fails to have an orgasm. Time is up, the escort must go and he is left hanging there.

There is no way an escort can guarantee an orgasm from her client, but managing time for the best outcome is a responsibility that must be shared by both parties, and the escort must be in command at all times . The escort must ensure her client gets the best service, and she must be aware of the time factor thus ensuring certain services are provided in comfort. Equally, the client must understand he can’t get 90 minutes of service for the price of one hour, and that the escort is not responsible for time running out. If the client books for one hour, it means one hour.

So communication before the booking and during the booking is important. It helps in preventing some bad things from unfolding. For the escort to assume that her client has read her profile and he knows what to expect is something that should be treated with caution, as unfortunately many men don’t bother to read the profile, the about me page, the services provided, and what is left out can be the catalyst for a breakdown later.
If there was no way of preventing a conflict, the escort should do whatever possible to let it not escalate. You can’t negotiate with an unreasonable person, especially with someone who has no respect for himself – let alone for his escort. So find the quickest path to the nearest exit, and take it with the smallest footprint.

It is important under strenuous circumstances that both parties exercise restraint and discretion. Sometimes certain impulsive actions don’t bring the intended outcome. On the contrary, it can backfire on both involved, with consequences nobody can foresee or least suspect. Treat each incident on its own merit, objectively, and after you have cooled down only then you can make an informed decision as how to proceed, and what line of action is necessary.

The escort loves being there for her client’s pleasure. Most gentlemen know that, and if they treat her well they will receive something very special.

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