The Available Now feature - Myths and Facts

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Scarlet Blue from the very beginning has set a new standard as an adult directory, presenting a style of advertising that is enriched by many ideas, forward thinking, smart features and technical expertise. 
In our first blog we wrote: “We are focused, disciplined, informed and we have a vision”.
We are very proud of all the things we have achieved, and notably the quality of service we provide. Many of our ideas found in Scarlet Blue pages are original, born and bred within our art house. We have many more of these pedigree ideas still waiting for release.
We also have introduced other pre existing features, products that are widely used world wide and very popular. Evidently we took onboard a few from the best of the world in combination with many of the finest of our own and created a powerful instrument, diligent in promoting the business interests of all of our advertisers.  
We understand the importance of providing a smart, fast and easy to navigate site. A beautiful  Scarlet Blue for all to enjoy and be part of it.
One feature now found in our site and popular by some of our escorts is the Available Now feature.
This particular feature, the Available Now feature, has been widely available on many of the most well known escort directories worldwide for many years. A blog from the largest escort website in the United States, which was written 5 years ago in 2011, describes the functionality of the Available Now feature, and how their advertisers can switch on their Available Now status at any time. 
The Available Now feature was noticed by our technical team as early as 2013, and its implementation late 2015 by Scarlet Blue was after being requested by some of our escorts featuring in our site.

Rest assured, no one escort directory has any right to a monopoly over the Available Now feature.  The Available Now feature is not a new concept, or original. The history and common use of the Available Now feature worldwide is on the record. It is well documented and historical fact, despite the attempts of some to claim otherwise. 
Scarlet Blue is open to suggestions and ideas that either our escorts or their clients put forward to us. We listen carefully, we pay attention to all their recommendations, and if we are able to make it happen we certainly do. We have a duty to our independent escorts to provide the best for them, whether this comes from our own think tank, or a public asset widely used by many others world wide.
In this particular case we gave our private escorts what is commonly available and widely used in the market today.
As we mentioned earlier, our duty is to make available to our independent escort advertisers the tools, features and functionality needed for best results. We stand by this commitment and we value our reputation.
Our conduct as a company is always ethical, professional and lawful, and we will always further the business interests of our advertisers within the spirit of competitiveness.
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