The art of discretion - the perfect courtesan

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Meeting people from all walks of life was always an interesting part of my job as an escort and companion. I was fortunate to spend some time with many gentlemen and I enjoyed the diversity, the different personalities, and the variety of environments that I found myself in.

From time to time, my job was to entertain celebrities and well known personalities. As with all of my clients, my contact with these gentlemen was professional, respectful and discrete. I never intruded on their private lives, never asked them personal questions.
Their personal lives were private, and I respected that wholeheartedly.

As a private escort, I understood the importance of maintaining confidentiality with each and every client and was very much aware of the importance of privacy and discretion. I had been entrusted with something very special and I would never betray that trust.

As an escort and companion I have met sporting stars, singers, artists and politicians. I have spent time with journalists, comedians, and actors of the big screen as well as the small.
I have met high powered businessmen, and blue collar workers. Some of them single, many in relationships. All of them were given the same level of discretion and respect.

I was the perfect courtesan – sexual, inviting and very desirable.
Their time with me was private, beautiful and discrete….very satisfying.
That is how it was, and how it shall remain …. always the escort for that special gentleman.

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