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Date published: April 30, 2018 at 9:21 am
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I've seen Isabella twice, after recently coming across her profile. She is an absolute dynamo in bed with passion and sex appeal oozing from every pore of her sexy body. I had very high expectations before our first meeting, based on her stunning photos and charming demeanor while texting. She then proceeded to shatter those expectations, completely blow my mind and leave me wanting more.

A brief description. Physically she has a thin and elegant, lithe frame, rounded by enough feminine curves to drive you wild with desire. Her skin is milky white and soft like velvet, so lovely against your own. Her breasts are like two perfect tear drops that draw in your gaze and demand to be kissed, soft and supple to the touch. She is blessed with a delicate flower which is a priceless work of art that has to be seen to be believed. Its neat and trim flesh petals, lasered to a smooth, silky perfection, are gorgeous and drip with sweet heavenly nectar. Suffice to say that, for afficionados, going down on her is akin to a religious experience where one worships at the altar of feminine allure and mystique. She's also very tight and has the deep inner muscles to squeeze you into a state of perpetual sheer ecstasy. On top of all of that, Isabella is breathtakingly, heart stoppingly beautiful. She's that Chinese supermodel or actress you've always fantasised and dreamt about, there in the flesh, to serve you, to please you, to cater to all of your sexual needs. And she clearly loves sex. It really doesn't get any better than that.

In summary Isabella is the real deal. Everything about this gorgeous woman screams uncompromising sex appeal. She's what dreams are made of. For those who demand passion and perfection, she is an obvious choice.
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