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Date published: October 25, 2017 at 2:57 pm
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I don't write reviews. In fact I've never written a review before - seriously but I'm on cloud 9 now and just want to do it. I kind of read a few reviews of girls but think really its about making up your own mind. 

After some texts to find out what I was after and really prompt replies I knew Isabella was the real deal but also about service. I fronted her today and was met with the most welcoming grin. I cant describe how pretty she looks, the photos are good but in real life she is double that pretty - I mean this girl could wear a hessian bag and be modelling it for Victoria Secret. But the thing that blows my mind is that a girl like this was so down to earth, friendly, focussed on making me happy, and damn is she horny. After some small talk and a little role play from her and me I was getting hard as f**k, think short skirt, low top, some suggestive talk I was happy to be helped outta my pants.

Isabella knows how to respond and makes the whole thing go seamlessly, needless to say this was perfection at its best. I have not met a gorgeous plus nicer girl. She genuinely likes to please and is genuinely an absolute horny, beautiful girl. In the end I was actually at the point that I was thinking this was the best investment I've made in a long time. Don't know what else to say, she is one classy amazing girl and certainly wore beautiful lingerie. She is also not a clock watcher and can easily talk to her - she is just like the girl u always wanted to f**k next door. 

Anyway enough said, if u like her pictures believe me she is that and better, I cant say enough how good this girl is, to be honest I was almost intimidated by her photos but didn't need to be I could not have found a more friendly but stunning girl. AMAZING. Will see you very soon! Wait for me!
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