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Well my first time as an escort. Well it was a few years back and I had always had a fascination about sex. I have always been a passionate and sexual person and I thought this could be a great way to express myself and have some fun between the sheets at the same time. I can still remember my first time. I was working in a gentleman’s club / brothel and like many young ladies I had my rostered days.

Day 1 came so quickly. I was in the back room changing from street clothes into some skimpy black lingerie and a lace teddy. The other girls and manager knew I was nervous and they kept it positive and were giving me some good sound advice. The call came that there was a gentleman in the front bar that requested the lineup, we came out and strutted our stuff, for some reason this heightened my senses and made me tingly... this guy was in his late 20s and was cute. I wanted to take him into the bedroom and have some fun. Unfortunately, he chose the blond next to me. But before I knew it I was back out having a drink with a client at the bar before we headed into my room. I led him down the corridor by the hand, we exchanged some pleasantries and some small talk. We undressed and headed in for a soapy shower for two. I could see he was already excited and this made me feel more at ease. We dried each other off and soon found ourselves have a sensational time. Before I knew it we were relaxing and exhausted from our activities. He thank me for our time and gave me a little tip.

I was so thankful for this gentleman who made my first time so memorable. Unknowingly, he sent me on a wicked path of sexual fun... how will you inspire me...?

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