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Dildos and vibrators, some of the sex toys us women have to play with. But let’s be honest there is no substitute for a good penis. I have been masturbating for years and now that I am in my 20's and have started working in the industry, I still find the time and place for my dildos and vibrators. I love nothing more than relaxing than setting some mood lighting and playing my favorite tunes while lying on my bed with one of my favorite toys.
In case you didn’t know the difference, vibrators come in a variety of shapes and I’m not just referring to different size penises, they are small, large, round and some come with versatile attachment. But the basic principal is a vibrator is a device for massage or sexual stimulation and is powered. Where a dildo is usually made of glass of synthetic materials and usually looks like a penis. One of my favourites even has a suction cap at the base for wet and wild shower fun.
I will admit that some ladies are not fans of the vibrators as they claim it can desensitise the clit and make sex less enjoyable. For me, I love them all. From time to time I will have my little bullet in my handbag incase of emergencies or long delays.
For me there is no clear winner, that all prove their weight in gold and some of the attachments focus on stimulating both the clit and vagina at the same time. Marvelous!!! I would be more than willing to help you out and show you how to use these toys effectively with or on your partner. 
And if you want to take it to the next level, buy your lover a toy and when your away next time, call them up or even better, video call them and have some sext times over the phone using and seeing your new toys in their hands. Trust me, it can be a lot of fun.

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