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Visiting a city near you, but not touring. What??!!

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I decided some time ago that I would not be a touring escort. I take my hat off to ladies who are, but it wouldn't suit me. Mainly because my business model is very low volume. To make money and cover costs on a tour one needs to see a lot of clients and that's not my preferred engagement style. You deserve to see Carla at her best and that is when I'm relaxed, having fun and not under the pressure of having to fill up my touring escort calendar :)

However, I've become acquainted through online channels with some lovely people who live in other states, whom I hope to meet some day. Therefore, when I travel for other reasons, I will see if any of these good men (or women, trans...or couples), would like to catch up. This is a very low-volume way of meeting some of my more faraway friends and lovers!

If you would like to know when I'm next visiting your capital city, please drop me a note and I shall let you know next time I'm planning to spend time in your part of the country.

Looking forward to meeting some of my interstate friends in 2017!!

Carla xxx

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