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A Thorny Topic - discounts

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This seems to be a topic that - informally - comes up a lot from both the gentlemen who book ladies and us escorts. It is also a subject that others shy away from; a blog topic that nobody seems to want to broach. The elephant in the room, so to speak. I wonder why?

From what I know of the industry, attitudes do vary. Some girls do indeed offer discounts to regular clients as a way to thank them for their ongoing patronage. Other ladies prefer to show their appreciation in different ways, for example, extra time in a booking. Another group of escorts believe the best way to reward regular patronage is to give the best possible service in each and every subsequent booking.

I fall into the second and last categories. Why don't I give my regular patrons discounts? There are a couple of reasons. The first is that I do strongly believe that people value what they pay for. Giving discounts can degrade the perceived value of the experience, plus you then run the risk that a client starts to expect a discount on every paid date. It also lowers the specialness of the occasion. There is a reason Chanel never has a sale: they wish to retain their 'prestige' image! The second - and my main - reason is that I believe my rates are already very, very fair for the quality of service I deliver. With the 20% pre-payment discount that is available, if I reduced my rates any further, it would quite frankly not be worth my while to take any bookings. I don't have much spare time as my full-time job requires long hours and drains me, so I choose to spend the extra hours I do have judiciously and be appropriately reimbursed for the energy I expend in creating a memorable experience for you.

Instead of discounts for my most loyal gentlemen, I prefer to show my appreciation in other ways. Regular contact between dates, the purchase of an outfit I know will be found especially pleasing and also the grandfathering of existing rates, when there is a price rise. If I don't have something to attend to immediately after a booking ends, perhaps I shall spend a little more time 'off the clock', although I would absolutely hate for this to become an expectation. In addition, I give my regulars priority over booking availability and if I decide to escort on a special day, such as New Years Eve, that time would always be offered to a regular lover first. These are just some of the little things I do to demonstrate how much I appreciate regular patronage. And I really do!!

The one thing I'd like to remind all readers of is the importance of not attempting to negotiate price, or requesting a discount. In a service industry as personal as this one it is important that your lady doesn't feel taken advantage of, or coerced into offering a lower rate. Do you want to lean in for a kiss, anticipating the joy of what's to come over the next few hours, while her mind is stuck on the fact you tried to haggle for a discount? I thought not. Imagine how fake your date will end up being!

Stick to ladies within your budget and only enquire as to the price if you are after a booking of a longer duration than anything detailed on her ad. I don't list prices for bookings that are longer than a weekend, but do have a price sheet ready to go if a genuine enquiry is made. So, if you would like to take me to Monaco for a couple of weeks, feel free to message about a price; I happen to have one at my fingertips ;)

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