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The third wheel. Or not.

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It is one of the great joys and privileges of being a private escort when I'm invited to join a couple for intimate fun. Opening up your relationship and allowing a stranger in - albeit in the safest of ways - still takes courage. I find bravery like this quite a turn-on.

I've been asked to join very nervous first-timers and also experienced swingers who are on 'the scene', but struggling to find that rarest of commodities, a HBB, otherwise known as a Hot Bi Babe. I am more than comfortable in both scenarios and everything in-between. As a genuinely bi-sexual woman I have privately played with dozens of couples and have a large amount of experience to draw on. I know how to make you relax and feel comfortable, while giving you the type of experience you had only dreamt was possible!

There have been a few couples I've had ongoing relationships with, including a couple I joined in Sydney for the most decadent weekend imaginable. I don't remember a lot other than dinner on the first night, champagne in the spa, rose petals on the bed, then naked bodies entwined. Lips, breasts, buttocks; a tantalising medley of warm, inviting flesh. Delicious!

I have a lofty ambition. To become Melbourne's premier bisexual escort for couples who seek a professional, discreet, intimate companion. Want to join me on this journey?!

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