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**What made you decide to escort?**

I have escorted in other states, both for myself and privately and think it's a wonderful way to a) have sexy fun, b) meet people my path wouldn't cross with otherwise and c) achieve some of my financial goals.

**Why don't you become a full-time sex worker?**

I have at various points in my life worked full-time, but I find the best combination for me is a regular day job and part-time escorting. I'm not sure why, but the balance just works.

**What are your favourite type of dates?**

I really prefer spending at least two hours with someone. To encourage longer bookings, my price structure is such that I do generally spend more than an hour with a lover. In fact, I have only seen one gentleman for a single hour booking!  I love dinner dates and also really enjoy overnight bookings.

**Do you have a 'type' of client you see?**

I see quite a few couples, as I am genuinely bisexual and men in the 40 - 60 year age range. I also see clients for fetish bookings, which I love!

**What sort of services do you offer?**

I do get many requests for GFE, but also see a lot of couples looking for a bi woman to join the female partner. I also do fetish bookings which can can range from fairly mild 'tie and tease' type bookings, to fisting, or extreme torture scenes.

I am very open-minded, but not submissive in any way, so I don't do traditional PSE type bookings. I am an 'Alpha female' and never switch!

**Do you see trans clients?**

Absolutely! I see trans and gender diverse clients and firmly believe in a non-binary form of gender expression.

**Are there any clients you won't see?**

Yes. I don't take party bookings, I don't see people who are extremely intoxicated and I don't see unhygenic, rude, or pushy people.

**What about disabled clients, or those who are older or very overweight?**

My only rule is clean, respectful and of legal age. Outside of that I see everyone.

**Any tips on how to be a great client?**

Of course! Engage politely and be clear about what you're looking for (proposed booking date, time, type & duration). Never try to haggle the price. Be ready on time, freshly showered, with the fee in an unsealed envelope. Respect my boundaries during our date, then leave on time. A thank you text after is always lovely.

**Anything else?**

The only other thing I will mention is reviews. My preference is no review or a discreet one. Definitely nothing that relays what we did sexually, blow by blow. Have some class!

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